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    RedLebFarmer Member

    Hey guys I recently started a grow and started encountering a problem. If you guys have any suggestion on what the cause may be, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

    Medium I am using is Canna terra professional.
    Under Led Mother's lil helper (140w)
    rh: 50-60%
    temps: 23-26 degrees Celsius


    First watering: using bottled drinking water

    Second watering: RO water + Rhizotonic (0.2 ec) + Calcium (0.15 ec) + Magnesium (0.10 ec) total ec:0.45 pH:6.0

    Third Watering : RO water + Rhizotonic (0.1 ec) + Canna Vega (0.3 ec (one third of the recommended dose)) Calcium (0.075 ec) + Magnesium (0.05 ec) total ec:0.6 pH:6.0

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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Looks like phosphorus deficiency to me man.

    I havnt used Canna Terra Professional before.
    I was just reading about it on their website.
    I understand its a soiless potting mix?
    Its a nitrogenous mix as well. According to CANNA.

    Whats your PK like on your veg bottle?
    Specifically P.

    Watering schedule?
    Ph of the media?

    I think they're probably ready to transplant too.
    Root bound plants, do that kinda thing as well.

    Might be worth transplanting. Water it in plain water.
    Then adjust PK, for first feed.
    Think its what i would do.
    Looking pretty damn healthy otherwise.

    Good luck OP.

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    RedLebFarmer Member

    The pH of the medium is 6.0

    Yeah I should transplant in a day because I just watered them yesterday. The soil comes with some NPK not sure of the exact ration the guy at the grow shop told me it's usualy enough to sustain aaprx 10-14 days, the plants have now been in that mix for apprx 15 days so what you're saying makes a lot of sense.

    The canna vega has some phosphorous in it 14 6 17 npk from what I could find on the internet, I'll double check as soon as I get home.

    Ive only watered them 4 times up until now. First watering was bottled water second and third was using the same mix as the second watering mentioned above and last one was using the third watering mentioned above. So the last time I used some of the vega but 1/3 the recommended dose as it's my first indoor grow using this type of nutes.

    I won't be adding any nutes at transplant since I'll be adding more soil that aleeady has nutes in it . I'll just just use the rhizotonic with some beneficial microorganisms.

    Thank you so much for the quick and detailed reply.

    Have a good week sir
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Ph is sweet.

    Yeah does look, and sound like they are due.
    Id get them into their final pot, if you weren't going any larger, than 25L pot size or so.

    If that NPK is true. Then they do need a little more balance.
    Id only be adding phosphorus, to that npk%.
    Try to adjust to an even %.
    Like a 5-5-5. Or 10-10-10, 20-20-20.
    To tell you the truth. Im not sure about a good raw source of phosphorus, without other stuff included too. Someone else will have to help there.
    Unless you resort to a different nutrient.......
    There will be a lot of nitrogen in your freash pot.
    Whats your bloom NPK like? That may balance it out.
    First thing that came to mind, when i saw your photos was phosphorus deficiency.
    Pretty damn certain its P. Going by the npk as well.
    They're looking nice and green anyway.
    Much love.

    You too friend. Thanks for all the useful information you included.

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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't think those were rootbound yet? 20180606_093644.jpg ..this plant is at least 18" tall and bushy and it's not even close to root bound sounds to me like you might be better with let's say a 3 part Hydro nutrient combo, and recommend using it according to directions on your first run, always starting at a lower dose of course, instead of trying to feed a little of this and a little of that, because I think that's where your imbalance is coming from ? I think if you did that it would give you best results
    -good luck!
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    The pots in the OP's post look too small tbh.
    They're beginning tp stretch because of it too. By the looks of things to me.
    Phosphorus thickens stems etc. Helps early development. So it could be the deficiency too.
    Hydroponics store recommended OP transplant after 2 weeks as well.
    Been 15 days......

    I still believe the problem to be phosphorus deficiency.
    But may as well transplant too.
    Hit two birds with one stone.
    Definitely doesn't look like a lot of room they have.

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    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    My suggestion and question is really a shot in the dark. But you said that your first feeding was bottled drinking water. Now this is an important question: Was it spring water or RO drinking water. Some spring water is way 500ppm of dissolved solids (mostly Ca++) So Ca++ on soil, Ca++ in Canna vega. Just saying maybe you did a little overdo on the calcium initially which could be blocking absorption of other cations.

    rob333 Well-Known Member

    to much water mate
    the rock

    the rock Well-Known Member

    let them dry out

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

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