HELP: Clfs or Leds for seedling?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Corbett96, Feb 9, 2018.


    Corbett96 Member

    I was wondering what would be better to use in a small Grow tent only for seedlings/veg.

    CFLS or LEDS & best Wattage?

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    You get more lumens per Watt from the LED's but the CFL's are cheaper to buy. I guess it's all about your budget. If you do decide to with LED's you can pop off the top plastic globe and gain about 20% more light energy. You can go with the 60 Watt equavilant and place the lights to within inches of the plants.

    bastarasta New Member

    For seedling you don't need a huge amount of lumens, just use two LED bulbs (>10W, cold color temperature) per plant.

    Corbett96 Member

    I wanted to buy a 300W LED instead of CFL's as I'm building a box for seedling/vegging. Using LED Would may be easier as may be perfect size instead of using CLFs as little bigger I guess

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    If your area doesn't get too cold, I'd shoot for led's.

    Anything under 65f you may consider some cfls with young sprouts.
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