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    Here's the other one, I thought there was two of these threads
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    Ha! I was drawn to the thread as the only reference to Jimson(weed) I've ever heard was from a bit on the Howard Stern radio show (where the 'jackie puppet' voiced by Billy West, smokes some ;)
    That was more then 20 years ago :)

    (time stamped - Jimson 'bit' starts at 7:10 )

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    Lol the old timers that told me about doing it call it jimson... And hells bells.. Angel trumpet.. Devils trumpet..but mostly jimson and a. T

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    My dad reckons they used to smoke it in the day, met a couple of older blokes who have fucked it with it a few times in the past an back when i was younger i heard of story of some people a few towns over from me.

    Anyways the old man reckons smoking a little bit dosent hit you as hard, but i dont know what he nent by a little bit. The othe blokes i met they had the tea they said was it was really fucking weird. They didn't get freaked out or nothing, just talking to people who are not there an thinking there in other places doing other things an when you wake in the morning your vission is all blury and you can only remember little bits an pieces

    The story i heard about the group of people a few towns over sounded like the worst case scenario.

    Something like ten people decided to get on it. The cops got alerted due to reports of someone chasing a cars pretending to be a dog. Apon arrival they noticed a couple of people acting oddly in there front yard and strange noise coming from the house an investigated were they found a bunch of incoherent, uncontrollable, unreasonable people tripping dicks including some poor bloke who decided to drink some more while being in a state of confusion didn't realize that that pot that contained tea was still boiling on the stove and burnt the fucking shit out of him self.

    After hearing that decided to never mess it.

    Also heard the native American Indians uses to collect the pollen an store it long tubes. They use to use it on raids and kidnappings an stuff. Like sneak in while your sleeping and place the tube through your bedroom window then blow all the pollen in your general direction an wait half hour come in an get ya

    When you woke you coukd be tied up naked out in the middle of nowhere with no idea how the fuck you got there or what happened lol
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    From what I can gather, the seeds are the most potent/dangerous part of the datura plant, so maybe start with a different part. And only a tiny dose so you can test the effects. The trouble with plants is they can contain unknown amounts of the active alkaloids: one plant may have little to no atropine/scopolamine while another might have an overdose. So always assume there's an overdose in whatever you're ingesting.

    I happen to like the effects of SOME anticholinergic substances such as Bentyl (dicyclomine), an IBS drug. It dries out your eyes, speeds up your heart & makes you feel stoned... sorta like a stimulating weed high. Music sounds fucking amazing on it. But if you take even 1/4th too much of a pill, the dizziness & blurred vision sets in & it's no longer fun. I imagine that's what datura is like to a certain extent.

    My sister wore a scopolamine patch for 3 days once after a surgery & got stuck with intense light sensitivity, vertigo & nausea for nearly a week when she removed the patch so there's definitely a dark side even if you don't die. And my grandpa developed glaucoma after using an ulcer drug that contained atropine--another datura alkaloid.

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    travel sickness pills contain scopolamine if you are that interested in taking then they would be the best way. you know the dose and you dont have anything else to worry about
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    Hell na. Rofl

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    I'll never fuck with that stuff.. friend of mine tried it, wound up in the meridian on the 6 lane highway, had no idea where or who he was, got picked up by the rcmp and plopped in the psyche ward. Doesn't sound fun, recreational or introspective at all.

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    A bunch of kids when I was in high school (mid 70s) brewed up some Jimson weed tea. Out of 7 of them 5 ended up hospitalized; all were busted. One set his bed on fire. Very dangerous stuff if you don't know what your doing.
    Jimson is also known out west as 'Loco weed" for a good reason.

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    No, motion sickness pills absolutely do not contain scopolamine. They contain dramamine/meclizine and are over the counter. Scopolamine requires a prescription.

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    fuck that shit. bad energies. stick with dmt :)

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