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    So..some old head I know have been barking about this for years to me..around my parts it's hard af to get anything..well it was when I was in my kick for years..I slowed wayyyy down..but I have the ability to make some tea ..I always did but idk if I really want to...at one point I was down for wtfe but this would have to be away from ppl ..well a lot of ppl anyways..I always been told to make sure you have an equal or more amount of sober ppl than ppl tripping on this shit...I'm just wondering if anyone could give me some input ..I def been a tripper in the past ..iv ate some shit that dude called granular acid...fucking rocked me ..and iv tripped more times than I can count but this shit kinda makes me nervous and that's not the way to start a trip lol...one guy I know SAYS he thought he was Jesus Christ reborn on it..idk..but I do know he was at a water treatment plant walking through the water screaming for people to be baptized before the devil got em...sooooo lol..but if anyone could tell me anything please do ty

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    no just no


    just in case that doesnt put you off go here and read some of the accounts of people who have taken it


    again just no
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    Have you tried a high dose of mescaline yet?
    I seriously recommend to experienced trippers.

    You can buy some san pedro or peruvian torch at a nursery and extract it yourself.
    Its a bit stinky to extract if you don't like the smell of vegetables. But the process is pretty straightforward.
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    Lol, this again?

    Did you post this in multiple threads and now this one's getting resurrected ?

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    to hell with this post
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