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    My dear co-sufferers,

    I'm a 20+ year post exploratory surgery (intermittent twisting of the cecum!) and Crohn's survivor! Sometimes I need between 10 and 12 grams of Cannabis a week to be able to function enough to provide for my family. I have my Doctors recommendation and a whole stack of Medical Records but I live in a terrible state for my condition... New York outlaws smoking?!? There is not even a New York sub forum on here it's so bad. I've tried vaping for days and can not get the relief of one bowl of fresh flowers. It's like someone is twisting a knife in my intestines and then the vomiting ensues.

    Years ago, a friend from Denver and I found each other. With his help we found a local dispensary and strain that drastically relieves my symptoms. Then, my friend suffered a sudden, terrible stroke and had to leave me...

    I now find myself hurting and vaping my money away with little to no relief.

    Moving my family is not an option. Driving to Denver to buy recreationally is not an option. Asking someone to risk a federal felony by mailing it to me is not an option. Getting ripped off by a craigslist seedy character is an option but certainly not desirable! Vaping in NY is not an option. Maybe a local red card holder can pick up and hold I can fly out and we can hang out and I can mail it to myself?? Why is it still criminal to get the medicine we need in 2017??

    If anyone has helpful suggestions can you please PM me? I am already very grateful for all of the help I have received over the years. Without it, I would have never made it this far. TIA

    Also, please let me know if I might help you in any way.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

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    so you want somebody that you don't know to commit a felony by buying it for you and then you yourself commit a felony to mail it to yourself??

    do you law enforcement guys think all stoners are stupid?
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