Hello all, Gooeybreeder here.


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cool strains dude, cool to see preserved genetics, as they say... "they just don't make them like they used to"
had a talk with my dad the other day on his views on how weed has changed
he says nowadays, pot is much, much better. He wasn't saying that it got you more high, he was saying he liked how the high was more i guess, somewhat like a conessieur type high
he said weed back then, made you stupid. that why people always made references to "smoking yourself stupid" because back then, you could smoke yourself dumb!
makes me wish i had some of those old genetics lol, i'm sure it's something around now, just it's ancestor

just thought i'd share, this makes me want some old genetics badly. I heard seeds could be HUGE back then too, like bigger than grape seeds
Been lurking here for years and now I have the time to post and enjoy here more so hello all and thank you for having me.

Some of you might have heard of some things i've done, like Northern Cali Gooey ( NCG, aka "Gooey" this mother is 30 years old this year and still going strong and blowing folks away), Pure Gooey, Purple Empress, Death grip, Double Deth, 13th Obilete, Zinn, Dark Desire, GooThunder, Lava, Purple Ghost, Berry Mania, Sicberry, Lavaberry, and a host of others folks know.
My latest projects upcoming and in tests include:
Kona Sunset
Purple Mayhem
Asian Fantasy remake
The next version of Pure Gooey
Gooey Pineapple Berry ( my own design)
Kona Pineapple
and many more as well.........

I hope to share some grow logs here soon and detail some of these fun lines.
Thanks for having me here.
hey gooey,

i have admired your stuff for a long time now. i have been on the attitude wait list for your stuff to get back in stock. so now they aren't selling your product anymore??? what a bummer.. as im sure everyone else on this thread would love to know as well, where can we find your seeds now? any recomendations? thanks and keep up the good work!


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I have gotten a new rep in the UK so seeds will again be at outlets there, including Attitude. Look for new offerings as well as the kona line and mayhem too. Indeed, the kona is from the big island and is an ibl line used. Thank you all for the very kind words and I look forward to servicing you fine folks very soon. Cheers!:)


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just thought i'd share, this makes me want some old genetics badly. I heard seeds could be HUGE back then too, like bigger than grape seeds

this just simply is not true. Although with new breeding techniques we are putting our herbs genetic evolution into hyper-speed. Seeds were never the size of grapes...:joint::joint::joint:



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So has anyone finished out the Purple Mayhem and done a report on it as to taste, color, production? if yes how about some finished product pictures please
FYI......Attitude has the Purple Mayhem in stock right now if anyone interested.


Hey GooeyBreeder,
I live in Quebec, Canada(latitude 46°,not later then october 1) and i would like to grow one of your strain outdoor, my question is what strain do you recommend me(on Attitude at the moment availability are Kona Sunset, Purple Mayhem and Psychopatch)


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Gooeybreeder, hello...I'm a little curious where I can get some Purple Mayhem seeds, sir? I saw they came in stock on Attitude and I went to put some money in my account to buy them and when I got back home...they were sold out already!!! I am totally bumming, since we here and Verde Valley Gardens have been waiting on this for awhile. Are there any other places we can buy them? Even in Cali? Thanks in advance for a hasty reply! Have a dank day! bB


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Can you post some pics? Im interested in that purple mayhem if its even half as purped out as it is in the attitude pic! thanks
here are some pics I had from mine. It had to come down 1w days early due to some serious situation. But it was the most beautiful plant ever. Smells like grape coolaid. Real sweet. And the pics do it no justice. It is bright florescent purple and pink. It stays the same color when dried. The leaves had the consistency of crush velvet. I will always run this. I have the original gorilla glue and now chaos which is the newest cross from the gg. I love the purple mayhem. U don't need cool temperature at night to get it to turn. My night temp was 77 and day 91.
20160406_164901.jpg 20160406_225949.jpg