Heavyweight Strawberry Cheesecake??


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Anybody ever try growing these?

Heavyweight Strawberry Cheesecake Feminised Seed
Is this company Heavyweight reputable?


got 1 on the go now, its node heaven atm, 4 weeks in2 veg topped once and at 12 inch, its looking bushy and has overtaken my other seeds started at same time, but the proof is in the smokin so just have 2 wait ill try n keep u updated

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Dairyqueen can smell like pineapple cheesecake and the one i grew smelled like cherry cheesecake but cured to a nice cherry licorice with cheese fragrance. Never heard of that seed company before, if you can try then maybe it's what you are looking for.


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I did one seed, cloned it about 10 times, very good cloner. Was a pretty easy plant to grow, the first finisher was the seed plant, stretched more than I anticipated, had to supercrop. Very nice smoke, this leans toward an indica high, pain relief, an MS patient swears by Strawberry Cheesecake. About 60 days, but I found when I let it run on, i liked it better. I would go closer to 65 days if I had a similar pheno. I have 5 of those clones in a gorilla grow, I dont think they have time to finish flower


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Check out mad scientist genetics. They have cheesecake, a lot of crosses using cheesecake. And it really does smell and taste like cheesecake.


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I know thats a different breeder and way different genetics. I was just giving a option if you want to really try something that taste and smells like cheesecake, they have strawberry cheesecake and cherry cheesecake also. Its something I have grown and tried myself.