Headed home!

Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by Pkushman3, Feb 20, 2015.


    Pkushman3 Active Member

    Long time colorado resident headed back home to chicago! Just seeing if there are any like minded folks in the area that want to talk shop and such. I understand I may not make many friends since marijuana is still kinda taboo and this forum doesn't seem too popular with il folks.

    wwrockyou Well-Known Member

    Long time Connectisucks resident here and will be headed home from 6 months in sunny Florida.
    Why are you leaving colorado ? If you don't mind me asking.
    I myself really don't wanna go back to that cold (and I do mean ccccold) and snow, I have been to Chicago
    and that gets brutal also. The sun and blue skies are great therapy.

    GrowTeam Active Member

    The cannabis industry in Illinois is just getting started so good timing!

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