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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    this bank has been offering some unique types so here is a dedicated thread to this banks wares....
    Ive got the Mikado, Strawberry Cough, 88 G-13HP & Fat Purple in the collection, with the Grape 13 + Monkey Balls to be added at a later date, be growing out the Mikado + Strawberry Cough for pollen chucks next outdoor season...as it is post away your Hazeman fire right here!
    Angry Pollock

    Angry Pollock Well-Known Member

    Mikado doing very well outside.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I'm getting ready to make another seed order. Today for the 4th of July specials. I'm gonna get a pack of hazemans headcandy, and a pack of comet kush.
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    rollinfunk Well-Known Member

    I almost popped a Grape 13, but forgot I have some testers from Gu...I popped a shuteye x chopper chem from greenpoint instead. Grape 13 will be next round. I have a bunch of hazeman stuff so will post in this thread when I get around to it. good luck on your grows
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Got 2 packs of Grape Stomper x Stardawg. I may or may not run them before grape pie crosses. Would like to run the Stompers but have to free up a lot to run the regs. I'm defiantly making F2's!!!!

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    awesome, im keen to get my Mikado going outdoors too, really need a top quality early finisher, in fact i will use a 'him' in outcrossing to hit up some worthy gals as well! heard good things about Mikado
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    We Can Make Sandwiches

    We Can Make Sandwiches Well-Known Member

    Just ran some tude freebies of White Grapes & Elephant Stomper

    2 reg beans of each from purchases long ago..got 1 dude & 1 lady of each. Flowered out both ladies . Elephant stomper wasnt nothing special...but got really lucky with the pheno of White Grapes..smells very pungent Grapey/floral odor ..cant stop smelling the jar. Might have some pics while they were in flush mode I will dig up for you. Again it was 1 pheno, 1 lady of each. No full pack action so hard to judge a strain from a solo pheno..but that White Grapes was something special. The Elephant stomper was bland..not a very good looker but yielded medium-high. Actually both strains yielded quite nicely.

    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    I have nothing but great things to say about Hazeman and his seed company. Not only does he have outstanding genetics at a very affordable price but he's a really down to earth normal kind of guy. I got in touch with him recently about his new Durban Poison line and I'll actually be testing some of these new crosses. I am very excited to say the least. I ran his blue bubba in the past and it was outstanding. A very good expression of the pre 98 Bubba. My father is also running some Madness and Monkey Balls right now and they look awesome.

    I am not sure which Durban crosses he is sending but I know he made crosses with The White , Pre 98 BK, Green Crack, GG4 and a durban f2. I hope to do a log about these testers. Hazeman is sending out the beans today so I hope to have them germinating by next week, stay tuned!
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    damn you got a hotline straight to the man! we will be tuned in for sure!
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    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    Hazeman for the win!!! Stay tuned ladies and gents, shits about to get real. Here's a little taste of whats to come. These are some Hazeman Blue Bubba x Cannaventure Cookie mix. Two diff phenos. Unfortunately I lost the one that I really liked due to a stupid mistake. Both are pretty spectacular though.
    image1 (1).JPG image2 (2).JPG

    mrfreshy Well-Known Member

    Solid gear from this guy, and the price is right. I have a few of the white erkel x Astro Kush (Fugu Kush x underdawg), they looks super solid right now. Will post updates
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    greencropper Well-Known Member

    looks dank! is this your own cross or a Hazeman cross? i cant find that strain in attitudeseedbanks Hazeman stock?
    interesting coincidence this recent pollen chuck CV GSCM(Bubbas Urkle Cookies pheno i think) x Cannarado Barney Rubble here is going well approx 6" high, excited about this chuck!
    the mum(GSCM) was a real nice type
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    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member

    @greencropper that was a cross I made. Came out dank as fuck too. I had two phenos but somehow I lost one due to being really stupid. I must have got my clones mixed up when I was culling some diff phenos of other strains the other night. Both are pretty nice tho. I know that Durban testers are in the mail so I'm getting anxious to get those things popping . Below are the two Blue Bubba Cookie mix phenos after a dry trim. :)

    52098541032__A4352D4F-DC45-4E61-985C-D4F959A40A19.JPG IMG_0642.JPG

    madininagyal Well-Known Member

    Which seed cie make them please

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    looks real tasty! that bubba is a sure utility strain that livens up everything it crosses with, nice effort there bro!

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    The strawberry cough is good.
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    Which seeds of the Grape Pie? Ive got the Durban & Irene crosses. And you know it, Open polination with multiple females I feel it would be more a preservation project as I dont have acess to clones. Anything with Grape Stomper has always been fire for me but Ive alwsys ended up losing the cut & having no more beans.
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    ScaryHarry45 Well-Known Member



    These came in the mail today and its a full moon tonight! Already dropped the GG4 x in water 8-)

    bellas6 Well-Known Member

    Running Strawberry Cough and Cocoa Puffs at the moment.

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Shit yeah, get them soaking and planted, I want those durban asap!!
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