Haze V3 dual vape question for this group?

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    I currently have a Haze v3 vaporizing unit that is battery powered with 2 bowls that are independent, I love this machine and how portable it is. My one wish is for a power adapter that can plug into the device when sitting indoors or at a party so many people can enjoy the tool without the need for recharging the batteries....

    So I have designed and built an AC power adapter that can run at the specified voltage that the device requires to run in all 4 of its power settings and management of the heat. This tool can also tell you how much power is being consumed and can monitor the individual performance of the circuit to ensure you have the right level of power and no voltage drops are possible because of the ample power source. A battery can fade slightly, even the latest battery technology still runs out.... Would anyone here by my adapter? is this something that would be a viable item to produce in limited quantities. Haze V2/V3 AC power adapter with real-time voltage information and performance data that can be monitored while in use, the perfect power for the perfect vaporizer on the market today!

    Please reply with your comments and if you would like to see an item like this on the market please respond

    thank you for your time all! if you want one, I will build it and certify it.

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