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    pakalolo808 Well-Known Member

    Growers who have grown in hawaii.

    What time of year can u plant your seeds so that they dont start flowering right away? we got 12 hour sun alot of the year, so what do u guys do?
    Skate Hawaii

    Skate Hawaii Well-Known Member

    um i live on maui and you should start planting soon because the seasons almost here, i'd wait a few more weeks than plant
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    Irie Hawaii

    Irie Hawaii Well-Known Member

    bra when does the season start?? i live on oahu and i got (4) 2 week old plants. if its not the season what should I expect from the plants?
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    Puna Bud

    Puna Bud Well-Known Member

    plant them now Boo. You'll still be able to benefit from the short season(easier to hide). Sure, you won't get the 'Mother Lode' ,but hey you'll pull off some First of the year herb...
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    Cheshireplant Well-Known Member

    plant all year
    i veg indoors then they go out to flower at whatever height i like
    but the true season isn't until june
    june 21 or 22 is the longest day of the year so if you start seeds outdoors around june 1st they you take advantage of the "long season"

    this time of year you have to be carefull planting indicas and other dense bud types because of all the rain.
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    craca102 Well-Known Member

    We don't got 12 hours of darkness all year only from about Early Sept to late Feb to late March give or take.

    So you can put plants outside now and they will be 12/12 and they will veg/flower in the 3-4 months season.

    Got mine 2 outside for this short season so I got a little after this holiday season is over. Put them outside about a month ago straight from seeds and they are about 1" or bigger now.

    Man Love being able to grow all year.

    Irie Hawaii, I say throw those plants ya got outside and hope for some good short season bud. Unless you can keep them vegging until next year's long season I would just put them out now.

    Cheshireplant has got it right. If your planting for long season wait till April/May/June to plant your girls. Thats the only thing I need, Some CFLS so I can have a mother to clone from and keep those plants coming. :)
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    Cheshireplant Well-Known Member

    no mother, it takes up one of the seven plants for HI med grow

    i veg 3 indoors, clone from them when they go out, then when they are done blooming, the clones i took are ready to bloom and so on.
    no point in having mothers in my set up.

    but there are many ways to skin a cat and lots of cats to be skinned:weed:
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    tweach1 Well-Known Member

    If you planting around now like winter season we get around 11 hours of daylight. So your not gonna get a big yield off your plants.

    i am going to start a grow outdoors as a first grow, itll be small, but itll be pakalolo, and itll be good :)

    lehua96734 Well-Known Member

    i had germed 6 last week, 2 mango, 2 hindu krush, and 2 lowryders. then the rain came. my babies are out side. only one made it,a lowryder. so last night i started a new germ, 4 lowrydrs and 2 hindu k.s. sure love the sun but those 2 days of rain smashed my little green babies before i could bring them inside. because i grow outside and i have no light set-up i lost them. hopefully we won't have rain next week so i can get them going.
    Irie Hawaii

    Irie Hawaii Well-Known Member

    i kept my plants around my house till their a week old then i put them in the mountains. the rain didn't hurt them at all.
    Irie Hawaii

    Irie Hawaii Well-Known Member

    Think I'm gona keep them indoors under 600 watts, keep them around 4ft tall since my grow closet it small. I'll clone them which will cause them to get bushy then put them outdoors. they are (4) feminized Arjans ultra haze #1. they are probably the biggest sativa in the world so its best if they don't grow to their full potential (around 15ft) you know for safety issues.
    Hawaiian kind

    Hawaiian kind Well-Known Member

    unless you feed them high N they will flower as soon as you put them outside in the short season I put small little bush out and i gives me a small stash not a big yeald this time of year unless you put a few good size one's out.
    Irie Hawaii

    Irie Hawaii Well-Known Member

    All the plants are around 2 weeks old.

    I got 3 random strains in the ground. I dug a hole in between big rocks put some perlight on the bottom and mixed the regular soil with compost and gave the plants some veg and flower and some bone meal.

    The close up pic is my female Lowryder/ Ak-47. its in a pot and I just gave it some bone meal. it gets direct sun for 7 hrs I think.

    The black thing is my water catcher, I dug a hole and put a trash bag in it. this rain were having will fill it up hopefully.

    I would appreciate some advice. Im still learning a lot about growing.

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    tweach1 Well-Known Member

    Nice grow braddah.You should make a journal and keep us updated. I would love to see a journal of plants grown outdoors in HI.

    What kind of yeild you expecting? Its winter time right now so no more sunlight, only 11 hours a day at most, the plants might flower really fast right?

    Oh ya and some advice on the lowryder/question haha:

    Watch out for mold, in hawaii its hot and humid and I know for a fact that ak47/ all lowryders get mold really easy, so you might have to harvest prematurely before a big rain storm/south winds (cuz high humidity=mold)

    Also, is that an autoflowering ak47 lowryder? OR just regular ak47 lowryder?
    Puna Bud

    Puna Bud Well-Known Member

    Okay islanders, I need your help here. If any of you island residents ordered seeds from a SeedBank in either Europe, Canada, or Aussieland, could you please PM me and tell me of your experience. I need to know if I can obtain some good quality seeds. I'm a "Backyard Botonist/Breeder grower" from the 70's. But I lost the seeds I had back then!

    I want to create a seed that is resistant to Bud Rot! Because of all the rain here. All the plants that I grow that are dominate Idica, or Indica plants are suffering from some degree of Bud Rot. Look at my short season idicas!!!!

    I threw away close to 10 ounces of bud rot, and buds that were ruined from 'mealy bugs'!!! I have got to get that action to come to a close, and the only way I can do that is start breeding strains perfect for our sub-tropical climate! Though I'm only using "Bag seeds" currently to grow, and my expectations aren't to are really low. Not just because I'm using "Bag seeds". The breeder of these seeds I'm using was a total fuckup!!!! A breeder must test their strains for many,many growing cycles before they release their products. Second generation of these indica seeds are terrible, no continuity at all with their products....assholes!!!!

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    milroy Active Member

    use B.T. as a spray every couple weeks until a few weeks before harvest.
    Safer makes it called Caterpilar Killer.
    Mix some with some Vaseline and put it around the stalk.
    Nothing else should be touching the ground or other vegitation.
    Feel your pain.
    and Grow Sativa.

    tweach1 Well-Known Member

    You gotta grow sativa. But if your looking for a more couchlock/pain killer healing kind of weed then you need indica. But indica does bad outdoors in HI. You need to grow some indoors if you need indica. Otherwise, grow some monster satvas outside!

    Btw, atttiude seedbank is good for seeds, also, seed boutique has the best prices. Dr chronic seedbank is also good I hear. Just google any one of them, and youll get results. I would reccomend kc brains 33 as a grow for hawaii, its a big sativa, very mold resistant. Also arjan's haze #1, I heard its a huge sativa, and I am pretty sure its mold resistant too.

    Or just look around the seedbanks, you might find a indica/sativa with decent mold resistance, you never know, just research around brah.

    milroy Active Member

    My aloha sativa this year.
    3lbs +
    No mold

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    craca102 Well-Known Member

    There's a lot of good seedbank out there, but have any of you Hawaii growers ordered from them and got your seeds?

    I would be getting seeds right now, just haven't found anyone who has got them delivered to them here in HI.

    Found a few mold resistant strains for growing outdoors on a few sites, just gotta find the bookmarks. Man a huge pant budding and it rains and it doesn't have any bud rot, now that's the strain I want. :)

    lehua96734 Well-Known Member

    oahu here. nirvana seeds, cannibusseeds.com, seedsman. joint. doctorseeds, i've ordered from them all and have recived all my seeds.

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