Have i finally worked out drivers?


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After loads of reading and watching YT, i think i may have finally worked out how to pair drivers with strips, or have i?

So if i get a CC driver like the HLG-150H-54B 54vdc, 2.8amp.

If i use
2 Samsung F-strips they would be running at 75w each and 1.4amps each.
3 Samsung F-strips would be 50w each and 0.93ma

so basically the constant current of 2.8amp is divided between the amount of strips i use?

Rocket Soul

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Its a constant voltage driver, not constant current. Yes, the current would be divided equally between the strips if connected in parallel, but the wattage depends on both the current and the forward voltage of the strip, not the driver, although the strip will not light up unless you give it sufficient voltage.
If its 2 feet f-strip, double row, i believe the forward voltage is around 46-47, youd be better off with a 48V driver. But please look thru the datasheet first.


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Thx @Rocket Soul
Damn lol
You are correct about the strips, they are 48V, they are

So i am right with the amp output (i was going to run parallel)
But wrong with the voltage

I seen a couple of the HLG-150H-54B going cheap, and at least i now know they wont work


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Both drivers are perfectly fine to run those boards. They will operate in CC mode when powering LEDs directly.
The two main things you need to check are voltage range and the amperage range.
Both drivers can power a 46V strip, you just get a bit more adjustable power the closer you match your driver.

Say your powering two boards.
The 48A is adjustable from about 1.0A to1.6A per board.
The 54A is adjustable from about 0.8A to 1.4A per board

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