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    Yes I understand this but I don't see why they would eat little pieces of my branch right where side branches meet main branch and also whatever is attacking my plants also has attacked that little bubble in the stem you get from supercropping just don't see it being mice but I could be wrong

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    I need help not sure if it hermied because it's still in veg

    IMG_1474.JPG IMG_1467.JPG

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    That is just a male.

    Female flowers have hairs...I see none there.

    Good luck!

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    Simon Green

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    Hello there! Thanks for this thread. This is an awesome post but I hope that next time it wouldn't be just copy and paste, but anyway it helps out a lot especially to us who are growing marijuana plants and encountering struggles.

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    I am here mainly to hear other's answers.

    I fall back on Cal-Mag when in doubt, like most do. :0)

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    agreed ^

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    But I don't get how it's doing this, my tent is in veg 18-6 and all my other plants are still in veg

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Well, this is an interesting area.....these living things can seem to have
    "minds" of their own.

    I topped a NYCD from two tops to four....and all of the clones and the plant that
    remained went straight into flower....and this was in my veg cab.

    Now, how did a female become that male? It didn't would be my guess...a switch-up
    is just far more likely. Sometimes a female will pop a "banana" but that is not what
    you have.

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    Hi all, I've looked around but couldn't find a thread for my problem. My first time growing, I grew 4 different strains. All of them had little to no dank smell or taste. Even while growing, they didn't give off much of anything. One had a fairly mild citrusy smell, one was vanilla(ish) and the others just a generic plant smell (not weed plant). All 4 get you high, one of them wrecks you ha, just wondered what might cause a lack of smell when growing and curing? The seeds were all big brand names.

    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Most likely just bad luck, dank-wise.

    Grow out a 24K or Sour Tangie and I bet that you will get some flavor.

    I have breeds that are better when grown better...but a "bad" grow of them will
    still have some taste/smell

    Good luck!

    CryptoMcPoopypants Member

    I have some Kush N Cheese (Dinafem) and Trainwreck (Greenhouse) growing now. Hopefully, they'll stink the place out, if not, I'm doing something wrong, I must be,
  13. dude if u have legit genetics and the pants are growing healthy and you harvest when at least cloudy trichs you'll be fine. do some more recon on the plant via google. look for plant basics, grow basics, overgrow grow faq. cross reference what you need with at least 3 sources.

    ask google questions like you would ask a person. google just does better if you know how to ask. use quotes and frame questions differently. could i have just posted the shit up. yeah, i could have but now i just point and teach fishing i don't fish for folks like i used too. too much waste of energy for someone who can do it for themselves as they should whenever possible. you'll do fine with home work, attention to basics and details and keeping things simple to gain experience before trying new shit and methods. we can't avoid the learning curve via google or asking others. we have to grow through it. peace, power and love. :)
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    I had done a bunch of research first. Built my lights with Cree cobs, probably overspent on Adv Nutes (micro/grow/bloom) + used Roots Excelerator, Mammoth P, Liquid Silicon, and made sure the h20 was ph 6.5 (grew in soil with 40% perlite). I didn't over or underwater, or harvest until at least mostly cloudy trichs.

    I have 2 small grow closets (4 Sq Ft each). In 1 I have 100W LED and the other 200W. Two of the plants were auto and two weren't. I grew the AF's then switched to 12hrs. In all, I yielded 7.5 Ozs, just no dank :(
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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    This is something specific to each breed. Some stink up late.

    Some say that they have had breeds that lose stink if left growing longer. (not me, yet ;0)

    It is an interesting problem, to be solved soon I am sure. :0)
    Og grumble

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    Should i cut this leaf off? Got some burned tips from this hot ass soil. I transplanted them into the super soil a little too early but they'll grow into it fine. Its just a few tips but this leaf has it bad. Just thinking this leaf is an invitation for problems and maybe i should wack it. But most of it is still good so I'm not sure maybe i should just leave it.

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    No need IMO
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    The ultimate guide for a canna-clinic

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    Set up some mouse traps, or a camera? I don't understand why a mouse would be chewing your plants either, but it really does look like something is physically damaging them.
  20. 18/6 is a god photo period to save light, but it's also perfect to have most plants declare their sex. if i were growing from seed i'd use 18/6 to veg under for those 2 reasons but mainly to sex them.

    males will usually always show first. take that male and isolate it on another floor with no air circulation access to your other plants. finish that male on 14/12 and collect pollen to save for a small pollen chuck.

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