Has anyone used MOAB in DWC?


Considering using Mother of all blooms in my DWC grow just curious if anyone has used & what the results where because I can’t find many videos about it online?


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People swear by it. I have used it but every Bloom boosters that I have used caused lock out issues. I get deficiencies within a few days. Too much of one nute and not enough of another throws things out of balance. Just don't get your NPK values too far out of wack and give it a try.


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1/8th TEAspoon. w/ a 3 week finish flush.
Was nice to Me.

Caylx Formation is The Goal. If you can control your actual bud development with it. You can control your bag appeal.

Once you DIAL IN...You can trigger Oil production & produce STICKY!! Nuggs!!

Im about to go 12/12.
Its been 4 years. I want to drive Site production. Pistil production. Bud development. Trich Oil production.
& Flush.... Independently.
I have harvest. drying. manicure. & curing dialed in.

I plan on a 1200ppm 36 -96 hour root [email protected] WK6. with MOAB.

I expect a 2nd Harvest to REALLY!!! DAIL IN.
Once I HIT pin point...
My Nuggs are going to be DANK Diamonds.