Has anyone made Cannabis Honey with coconut oil and alcohol tincture?

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    barcow Well-Known Member

    Made some ABV tincture that has been sitting for a week. It came out pretty strong but the taste is strong(2 spoon fulls ruined a smoothie). Let it sit out the allow some of the alcohol to evaporate. Has anyone tried just mixing tincture with honey? Have been looking online for a couple hours but haven't been able to find any solid information just speculation. Was reading on older forum you can mix coconut oil with honey so there is something for it to absorb into. Unfortunately couldn't find any info on measurements...Majority of other forums I found either said "look online" or I dunno but let me know when you figure it out. Any help very much appreciated. Thanks.

    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    100% vegetable glycerin. Alcohol is the old school method and a bad method at that. Put the grround up weed in a jar with VG and let it brew for 2 mths. The end result will give you a sweet baby origel type taste when using sativa blends. You could cook it for an hour and have instant tincture but its wicked horrible taste. Recipes online on measurements

    barcow Well-Known Member

    I did online recipes didn't work..tried 5-6 times thinking maybe i did it wrong..most recently..I put 10g of hash into alcohol and glycerin tincture 1 oz bottles heated them in a warm bath for couple hours. Let it sit for 7 months. Glycerin one I kinda felt it but would have needed to down the whole bottle to get the same effect as 1/4 of the alcohol tincture which evaporated and had 3/4 left. The abv alcohol tincture had me loaded for hours so honestly would like to find a way to evaporate the alcohol into something other than butter for baked goods...Also if anyone got a link to a strong glycerin tincture let me know tried too many times to waste more weed....feels like not worth 10g hash to 1 oz glycerin might as well smoke it...

    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    I recently just started making it and somehow it turned out right because I just threw it together. 2 zips of hash and 32oz of VG. brewed for 2 mths, shaking often. That was 9 different strains. I did another batch of 100% sativa 1 oz. ground up flower in 16oz of VG. Now, the hybrid 2oz hash batch will knock you on your ass with 2 dropperfulls (im a heavy weight on tolerance mind you), and the sativa tincture has helped me alot with my migraines and is good for energy, not as potent, very subtle.

    barcow Well-Known Member

    Did you decarb the hash first?

    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    no I didnt.note: I used dry ice bubble hash

    barcow Well-Known Member

    Ok I'm going to try that see if it works better..still gotta figure out what to do with all this alcohol tincture to make it not taste as bad..

    barcow Well-Known Member

    Just tried mixing coconut oil with honey and the tincture but ended up scraping off extra coconut oil. Letting the alcohol boil off...had some honey in tea tastes way better still has slight bitter taste. Will update when finished.

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    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    Nice...boiling off is a good idea

    I make a topical with coconut oil and hash. relieves pain in seconds upon rubbing it in. People love it

    I just made a rub that uses mango seed butter, rose hibiscus oil and hash...for wrinkles, scars and skin discolorations. Rose oil and cannabis is a yummy smell

    barcow Well-Known Member

    So mixing with coconut didn't work it just solidified on the top so I scrapped it all off. Boiled it at 180°F for 2 hours made the honey viscous. It smells almost like soy sauce which I know sounds weird. Ate a couple spoonfuls feel it instantly. Tastes like meed. Will try again with just honey+tincture in a pan heat up the honey then add the tincture a little at a time.

    Zep4 New Member

    Supermarkets sell liquid coconut oil.

    Mr.Goodtimes Well-Known Member

    I make honey by dissolving my concentrates in everclear (just enough to dissolve it) then pouring that into the a mason jar of honey then set that on the crockpot in water over night on low.
    I think low heat is key.

    No alcohol taste (it should cook off) and people seem to love it.

    I never had much luck with vegetable glycerine for some reason.

    VanIsleJay Member

    I've been screwing around with this.... mixed results though
    I used bubblehash that's been de carb' d at around 220 for 45 mins; 10 grams of hash in a jar of honey
    Blend with honey and then croft pot in mason jar surrounded by water for 24 hrs but the hash doesn't mix properly. I've been searching for better ways and from what I've been reading, soy lecithin will help the ingredients bind or whatever.
    I'm trying it in a few weeks when I harvest.
    Anyone else used lecithin?

    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    When I made my honey in the crock, I put the hash or ground up weed in cheese cloth and tied it up and threw it in the warming honey like a teabag. Worked great. Honey becomes a golden brown color after 24hrs on low and stirring the bag around occasionally.

    Viol8or New Member

    How strong was the honey? How much were you able to taste it?

    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    I dont like the hempy flavor after taste. Its very suttle taste. I can take a heavy dose..a spoonful makes me very relaxed

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    petert Well-Known Member

    I beg to differ on the alcohol extraction. I do it all the time!! Frozen Green Dragon method) you end up with a golden colored tincture. A few drops in an IPA or Stout and I’m a happy camper!!
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