Has anyone ever used Complete Coco from complete hydro

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    I walked in to the hydro shop yesterday and picked up two bags of coco. I know that a lot of people rinse their coco with ro water several times and add calmag during the grow. This coco says that it is already clean, and that it already has calcium and magnesium supplements. Am I good to go?

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    Yes you should be good to go,but I am always skeptical and rinse my coco multiple times just to be certain.
    Hope this helps and Happy Growing.
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    Thanks !!!
    Hopefully this grow goes by without any hiccups.
    Michael Huntherz

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    I would use it as directed, for most soil products, don’t rinse it in this case, you might screw up their cation balance, but that’s not the end of the world. Looks like an okay product, interested to see how it performs for you.
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    This will be my very first grow
    I'm gonna be growing some gg#4 in 10 gallon smart pots, in a 2x4 with 320 quantum board from hlg. Next thing I need to start researching is nutrients. Because I know nothing about them.
    I have organic gardening experience which I think will help me somewhat. But I have a lot to learn.

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