Harvesting Pennywise (From TGA)

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm growing since a couple of years, this time, this is my first time growing high CBD strain.

    I got 2 beautiful regulars seeds Pennywise from TGA. Got lucky with 2 females, and I did 2 mothers from them, after the harvest I'll see which one I'll keep.

    I'm just wondering about the flowering time. I'm exactly 4 weeks into flowering (as you can see on the picture)

    ** There is 2 NYCD and 2 PW.

    You can easily spot the difference, but the focus pictures are only on the PW

    I just wanna know when I should harvest ? I heard you gotta do it early with high CBD strain, they look pretty good already, and pretty bulky.

    I got 3 rooms, so I'm gonna let the NYCD after I harvest the PW.

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    freemancat Member

    I haven't grown that strain or anything CBD specifically but they look 3-4 weeks away to me.

    Looks good though man.

    FrenchVillain New Member

    I just took a look at the trichrome, and it's still really glossy, I wouldn't say 3-4, but a good 2 weeks

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    You got atleast 4 weeks till harvest

    FrenchVillain New Member

    I'll take a picture tomorrow, I don't think I will let them sit for another 4 weeks tho.

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