Harvest help please. Pics lol.

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Tyler the Gardener, Jan 5, 2017.

    Tyler the Gardener

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    Hey guys, so these ladies are gonna be 8 weeks 12/12 on the 12th. Soil grow, unknown strain, 600w hps on the go.

    I'm wondering if they're at their proper point in the grow? I mean, they feel brittle leaved, they're not heavy in tricomes, but one plant, the strongest, the tricomes look almost grey? Dusted more then the rest but at a distance it looks dark. One of them has branches way to long, and it shows, but I can't just chuck her lol.

    Opinions would be appreciated. Any help too. I'm ready to chop soon because i need the room for my next and better run, but don't wanna cut if I shouldn't.

    The middle picture is the strong plant

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    rickyrozayyy Well-Known Member

    Hard to tell... the leaves are just fucking dead bro if they're brittle. If there is still white hairs remaining. Let them keep going. Use a magnifier for your trichomes.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    Sounds like toxic salts buildup to me but looks different in your plants. Leaves feel thick and dry tight? Some crumble it you try to bend them? When I've had it they tend to go yellow more but same kind of thing.

    Are you using tap water and if so do you know how hard it is? PPM? Plants build up minerals from such water and with nutes overload the plant with salts which causes the build up.

    As they are close to finishing I'd flush them good and try to scope the trichs to see if at least half are cloudy and a bit of amber then chop them a week or more after the flush. Get some of the salts out of the buds at least.

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    Tyler the Gardener

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    Yeah I use tap, it's strange cause my other plants look good using the same water. I have started plain water now, took a sample and the bud looks decent. One plant may be a throw away, but the other 3 are ok. Honestly my Russians look way better and after this run I won't be dealing with these seeds anymore
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    JNxKushxKing Active Member

    yeah man never seen that myself before, the plants dont look so lush green though for some reason heres bagseed genetics from this year

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    Tyler the Gardener

    Tyler the Gardener Member

    Nice, these plants are in end of life now though. And they're still green lol, it's me if a dying yellow now though. I'm going to pull them hopefully Sunday. Thanks for the help everyone
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