Hard appel cider

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    rubadub Active Member

    Its harvest time for our apples and for my plants.
    After the trim and bubbelbag process i was thinking to add the trimmings to my hard cider.
    Not for the Buzz just for taste.

    Has anyone tryed this?

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I’ll be making some home made hard apple cider this fall using buds. The flavor won’t be much really just adding the leaves to the cider pre fermination.

    Banana444 Well-Known Member

    I have thought about adding some buds to a beer brew, since the brew process incorporates a boil. Like adding hops, except use bud. Not sure how well it would transfer flavor to a cider. I would suggest maybe trying adding it to a secondary fermenter, but not too long since cider eventually turns to vinegar. Perhaps at the time of bottling.

    rubadub Active Member

    This is what i have done this far.
    After the ice bucket i dropped the triming in a paperbag and tucked it in my new freezer with defrosting function. Heated 4l apple must(is it called this in English?or is it cider??) and added about 3.5kg honey and 2 stalkes of vanilla beans and a cinnamon stick. Added the trimings and slowcooked it for about 30 min to 80 degrees celsius. Cooled it down to 25 and filtered everything in the 25 micron bubbelbag. Added pectolas enzyme, yeast nutrition and after 24h i pitched my yeast. And now its fermenting. Smells like applepie, yeast and weed. Now time will tell if this works.
    This is actually mead then hard cider.
    Sorry for bad English not my native language.
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    Banana444 Well-Known Member

    How did that turn out?

    rubadub Active Member

    Dont know yet. I tasted it when i racked it to secondary. Could not taste any weed but i cam smell it. Taste most like yeast, a bit sour, cinnamon and a strong alcohol taste and smell. Needs to age a couple of months. New update then!
    I Will upload a picture tonight when i comes home.
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    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    hows it tasting? wheres that photo? lol

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