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The Dells in the 2000s: $500 for a Friday and Saturday night stay for a family of 4, and Unlimited passes to both waterparks (indoor and out) for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Fantastic good times.

Don't Bogart

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High ground/low ground, it doesn't matter, we'll all be 6' undergound due to starvation/droughts/floods/extreme heat/cold and disease caused by climate change, by 2070.
Carbon free in 29 years?
Tell that to India & China.
Should have done something 20 years ago & listened to Al Gore & now it's too fucking late.to stop it & with just the amout of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere right now, today, is enough to fuck us & that shit ain't going away unless we can suck it into outer space.

Anyway, this is the Happy Thread, right?
Let me see if this balances out my above comment

I love these guys :)

When you get a chance, take a look at this. The carbon issue is worse than we can imagine.
The idea of this carbon problem has been around for over 70 years.


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They need to crack down on burner phones and sim cards too, a photo ID and both it and you are photographed by the seller's cellphone, or some other means. They need to reduce the number of anonymous death threats and make hiding from authorities more difficult. You can't have, politicians, education, public health and election officials, not to mention doctors nurses and teachers subjected to a constant stream of death threats and extreme abuse from rightwing lunatics.

This is mostly for scams, but we also need other regulatory and legal changes to tighten communications security up a bit with some accountability.