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I come from a farming backround, in the sense that when I was a kid I was shipped off to Ireland every summer when I was out of school and was shared between my Da's & me Mum's families (they were farmers/1 sheep, my mother & the other cattle, my Da)
as forced labor :)
It always did/always will amaze me how they simply survived by living off the land
Yea, I dug up/planted potatoes for simple existence
Cut turf in the bogs for heat to warm the house/cook
I went up to the spring every morning to gather water for that day ( I really fucking did/we didn't have a well)
Yup, I actually sheared sheep for their wool to make a sweater & then butchered it & had for dinner (It was luvly :) )
I was blessed :) :) :)
Wish i had a dollar for all the time spent skinnin bark off smoke house wood ,then with salt / sugar cure on my hands !
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This is what I did for 3 months with only Sunday's off & even then there was no real rest, we had to be at Mass by 9:00, so all the cow's must be milked by 8:00 which was no big deal.
Actually church was pretty funny if you looked at it the right way, like the priest was queer as fuck which I really found amusing (imagine a real fairy speaking with a brogue, it's fucking hilarious!!!)
I would look around the church, pew by pew, seat by seat, examining the faces & even the backs of the heads in front of me (Michael Collins was going bald)
I would try to determine what kind of person that object there was like?
I knew amost every man there because most attended regularly either Hamiltons or Gaynors pubs, which were the only 2 in the village of Leenane in Galway, Ireland.
The village only had around 30 families & all relied on sheep & fishing for income.
All grew their own vegetables (and yes, lot's & lot's of potatoes :) ) milked their cow's harvested hay for the winter feed for the animals) & cut turf in the family bog to be used for heat/cooking.
There was Paddy Malone falling asleep & leaning on Margaret O'Neil, whom he hardly knew.
Most of the men were still drunk from playing darts well past closing time.
No Garda (coppers :) ) were near & it was taken advantage of.
Some of the girls were decent looking (those I would wink at with with a sociopathic attitude :) )

Beautiful place & people but it was/is hard work to farm, no doubt about it.

These are a few of the chores I performed, cutting the hay, hoping that it wouldn't rain that much so the grass would turn into hay & then making hay stacks.


Then we cut this shit, turf, so we had heat in the winter & cooking all year round.
We cut a LOT of it & this I fucking hated.
You were in the middle of this fucking swamp/bog with the wind blowing & it was cold as fuck.
Lunch was 2 large slices of home-made bread with butter & jam and a mayo bottle full of tea & it was wonderful.


This was my favorite thing to do, chasing & herding sheep for wool & market & as a food source.
This would be done once a year.



Then I'd do this :)


And more than once ( 16 was allowed if accompanied by an adult relative ) I'd finish the day with a glass of this magic brew (If I was a good boy)


Yup, thinking back I realize more each day how fortunate I was to have experienced that way of life, which hardly exists now, for better or for worse. ( I think worse )

Now we are more advanced & knowledgeable & more understanding/empathic, right?

Shit, even you, yes you, can fly into space if ya got a million bucks!!!!

Fuck me, I miss the Ireland of 1963, when Kennedy was alive & they LOVED Americans.

It was very, very nice, indeed



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But the whole ripping sheep nuts out by yer teeth is a bit much, lol
Only the savages in the North use that method.
We in the West of Ireland snip them off gently at least.
Have you ever tasted sheep balls?
The are very tasty sauteed with rashers/chicken beaks/cow tongue/calf liver and eggs.





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