Hang whole plants in the cabinet?

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    9 strains. All 80-100% done. The old hippies would tell me to hang it for a couple weeks then trim it and cure it for 3 months. Is that still the rule of thumb or has science progressed during my leave of absence?
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    indicas4me Well-Known Member

    Trim it first if you hang it with stalk/leaves it will taste and smell like hay when dry.

    Barelylegal405 New Member

    See. I knew this eas a good idea. Swiss cheese was first to do her thing. I like it.

    Barelylegal405 New Member

    Trimmed up the first fruits. Joy.

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    TheDifferenceX Well-Known Member

    Nice. Any other info about your grow you would like to share? indoor/outdoor? light?

    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    Thc isn't made in resin heads, you gotta boil it out of the roots. Lol sorry

    Trimming is for suckers. Buy cheap display glass, lower the price 15 an ounce and people will buy "colas". Selling the hell out of bud this way. They love the fall colors and naturally paced conversion of sugars from the leaves.

    smokiemcbowl Well-Known Member

    wtf r u talking about???

    literally the dumbest shit iv read on this site and iv read A LOT of stupid shit on here... this is the first time ive ever hoped someone is trolling...

    Anyone buying weed with crunchy ass, dry, untrimmed fan leafs on it either lives in jamaca or sells to middle schoolers. NO ONE that actually smokes buys wack ass bud like that id b fucking pissed if someone tried to sell me something like that... "cola" or not. Please dont put out dumbass information to noobs man were here to help not hinder.
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    Dmannn Well-Known Member

    Dont respond to it man.

    I have found, trimming up your buds as they ripen helps out.
    When you harvest, do it on a cold morning, before the sun comes out. This keeps the leaves stiff so you can run it over a fan trimmer with out tearing them up.

    If they are different strains and phones, HANG THEM SEPARATE. The buds are sponges as they dry. They will pick up dust, plant material, bugs, bacteria and pretty much everything else around them. Including smells from other plants..

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