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    I'm starting anew, my many years of working on various strains were lost. My bean collection got frozen by accident, with not just the beans I have been working with, but almost everything was lost. Alas, years ago I would of freaked, but I am maturing, and just except it as it is, and will just start again from square one.
    So, here we go..
    A few bag seeds and some GDP seeds that were made after the accident.

    My soil is simple. I take two bags of Fox Farms Ocean Forrest and one bag of Fox Farms Happy Frog, mix the two together. Then I add a shit load of perlite, then green sand and crushed clam shells, mix it all together throughly.
    Sometimes I use ACT tea, but my dog ate my hoses and bubblers.. So, I have been doing a soup mix, along with top dressing once a month, with Roots Organics dried ferts. Grow and Bloom, respectively.
    For my soups:
    Roots Organics Grow (for veg), Roots Organics Bloom (for flower), fish emulsions (for veg) and unsulphured blackstrap molasses (for veg and flower).
    I have a 4'x3.5'x5.5' tent, using a 600w HPS lighting inside a 6" Cool Tube and vented by a Vortex 6" exhaust fan.

    LucyFur (the cat) and Alice (the dog) say hi!
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    About a month to go, some maybe longer.


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    I took the plants out to water, and noticed this one plant with small pine cone buds. All the buds look like that. I've seen that trait before, but growing out of big buds, then the fingers like buds would stick out, but I have never seen buds like these. The plant is marked unknown, so I have no idea what strain it might be.
    After talking with Firestax, he said it looked like wheat. So from now on, I've named it Buckwheat.
    P.S. Anyone notice the cat hair?

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