Had to cut this down, not too happy

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by TheGrassIsGreenerInAus, Feb 17, 2018.


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    Lil'Rich Member

    You didnt think to sex it before putting time and money into growing it? Seems ass backwards to me? But then again you did plant both of them (and more seeds from what it sounds like) into, from what I can tell is a cast iron bath tub. I find myself doubting whether you studied cultivation at all before castings your proverbial pearls to the swine. Rock bottom is the best place to build up from my man.

    First things first. Never plant two seeds/clones into the same container no matter how big it is. The roots will fight each other for dominance and you are wasting potential yield. Another point on containers, drainage holes are a must, marijuana does not care to have her feet always soaking wet. Next if youre going to use organic ferts like blood and bone meal please be aware that these are not readily available for the plant to uptake. They require time to break down or "cook" into a usable form.

    TL;DR. you are jacked up fix yourself

    Pic related its what i do for a living every single day.

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    TheGrassIsGreenerInAus Well-Known Member

    To be fair ive spent a LOT of time researching thank you lol but I was unaware you could sex bagseed. Everyone ive ever asked said if you don't buy feminized seeds, its a lotto. As for not planting in the same container, well, fuck. Ive got a floweing plant and two little 3 weekers in the tub now, I just assumed id be cutting the flowering one down before theyd start fighting for space and that then id just toss the soil at the end the flowering one was in. Ive learnt the hard way that drainage is a must, I had to drill a bunch of holes in the bottom of the tub over a month ago, and it wasn't easy lol must be a really old tub was a good 1/2 inch of steel.

    TheGrassIsGreenerInAus Well-Known Member

    shes starting to get a REAL nice smell already even though pretty much all pistils are still white, that's gotta be a good sign, ill put another pic up in a week or two alongside the first two if anybody's interested :)

    TheGrassIsGreenerInAus Well-Known Member

    Shes smelling REAL fine now, I reckon another week or two and she'll be ready to come down, then once I dry and manicure ill put pics up :) (didn't bother putting any more of her up as while the buds are looking nice and smelling DANK, the leaves and branches look skuddy as SHIT.

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