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    yeah this is good
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    You still use this site??
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    Fuck snitches god damn asshats can't mind their own business

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    Getting back to guerrilla growing...

    Something I wanted to add. I've been growing guerrilla growing for almost ten years, and still learn something new every year, so I love sharing some of my "tricks".

    One of the best tips I know of, is after ensuring you have a natural water source nearby, Hide a couple of camouflage bags near your water source(I use my empty Roots Organic bags) to keep your empty jugs and nutes on hand so you dont have to truck nutes and water in and out.

    Here's a few of my girls. They're being grown guerrilla style

    Blue Dream
    Blue Dream.jpg

    Sapphire OG
    Sapphire OG.jpg
    Sapphire OG Stalk.png

    Black D.O.G.
    Black D.O.G..jpg BlackDOG Stalk.jpg

    Purple Afghan Kush(She wants to finish in September)

    Purple Afghan Kush.jpg Purp Afghan.png

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    No offense...
    But that might be the worst growing location Ive ever seen suggested.
    My brother lives in the San Luis Valley, Colorado. It's a VERY cannabis friendly place. We'd NEVER put a plant that open, there.
    Go find a corn field or cane field or some other tall crop and put your plant in a nice secluded location, 20-30ft off the northern edge of that field so as that she can have a wide open view of the southern sky.(the field will give you a wide open view of the sky, so long as you step away from it far enough)
    Keep in mind!! They MAY harvest that field before your crop is done. Its important you plant a good distance off the field.
    Thats how I grew every year, back when I started and the drove their combines right by my crop EVERY TIME.
    Try that... Just dont put your plants next to a freshly mowed fuckin fence.:lol:

    Good luck:bigjoint:
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    This may have happened years ago but how childish are peeps

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    If i only have 2
    If i only have 2 plants that are 5ft how easy is it for a chopper to see. I have an air port 200 yards away
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    are you asking me how easily they can see plants from a helicopter?
    Ummm... dunno man. never been the guy in the helicopter.
    Im always the poor bastard hiding in the trees when the helicopters go by dude
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    I am interested in knowing who is actually looking for growers? After that, what profile are they looking for? Are air craft actually flying around looking for plots. Who monitors water and electricity use? Facts are good to have in order to accurately access risk. Are commercial operations the target, or is there an interest in catching mom and pop growing a little for their own use? All these things matter.

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    If youve got more than 10 plants is when I would start taking precautions
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    I agree with you, but if you're going to state your credentials and critique maybe proofread your comments. You made multiple grammatical errors dude.

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    Some tips dig a trench about 1-2 feet wide and as long as you want in order to better hide you plants and secure rain water put you plants ontop of a big pile of dirt so they do not get flooded in holes or trenches Also yes I've been confronted by angry neighbours always have a cover story , Also watch the weather if it just rained wait a week to visit your plants less trips the better look for long grass if possible or I've even put some up in easily climbed trees.never put all your eggs in one basket and be prepared to have deaths or even to have to murder them all yourself to detere thiefs or police.
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    Some other things I do to aviod air besides trenches is throw long grass over showing dirt - stagger plants , try to grow in tree or near big bushes and just split them up 2 here 2 there type of thing.
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    they would be too buisy during taking off procedures to take any notice of any greenary, let alone distinguising differant variaties of shrubry, so don't worry about the pilots b more worried about fuel polution on your beloved herbs. not sure of the distance and/or the amount of (if any, high octaine fuel) xcess fuel gets jetasened from aircraft before they land for safty reasons, and after taxi ing round to land if theres a queue. but id be more concerned about the polution then getting spotted. rudi

    also, they use sofisticated measuring equipment to try and detect large grows, 2 plants isn't worth the nan hours it would cost, just not justifiable cost to plant ratio.

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    Live in Midwest, USA. Outdoor gorilla grower for years. In late August, 2016, I took a few phone calls from friends and they were telling me choppers were in the air. I had some plants about 1/4 mile off the end of the local airport, first thing they found for the day. I live in a county that is heavy in agriculture, corn and soybeans. So I plant mine in corn fields. A friend was given a citation for growing 4 plants in his back 5 acres that LE found while walking to the corn field behind his home where they found 54 plants. He has not been to court yet but his lawyer says $150.00 fine and walk away. I am planting 10 plants per field, 5 here and 5 there, all feminized. No watering or fertilizing until bloom, then only once. Expect LE to find 25-50% which is why I need to plant heavy amounts. 100_0007.JPG
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    I like your style. I lived near an airport and grew guerilla style for years. My favorite place to grow was around autumn olive bushes. Nobody in their right mind would go anywhere near those things!
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    Say what? Jettison fuel before you land ...... ya if your about to crash maybe lol. Where the hell did you get that from lol.
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    Yup that's not hard to see from the air. Big green plant in the middle of a brown field. This is an older thread but the time is upon us to start thinking about a spot. Leaving a plant to fend for it self typically leads to a small or nonexistent plant IME. Trails are like super highways from the air, I know lol. We now have guys in ultralights flying around looking as well. Planes, even a small Cessna will have a hard time seeing things due to speed, again I know, but the 210 I fly is a bit faster. They do two major flies here, one spring to see the dark holes, and one in the fall for color and trails. They actually ran a free fuel program here for rec pilots to search. I have done some pretty big fields and 2/3rds made it but the ones that did covered the loss although they were pretty lean years when lost. I'm to old to devote the time and work now but my most success was doing my own thing with 50 or so plants up creeks with large swamps on each side to limit travel. Access by boat with another boat (girlfriend) fishing at the mouth. No trails to see and used clear irragation tube under the water with 12 volt bilge pumps to water once a week if needed, a larger one will pump a 100' if no lift. Always have frog fishing gear in boat and nothing to do with growing. Been doing that for 30 years without a problem at site. Bad luck is one of the things that you can't control but it can be limited. I once had a cop leaning against a cube van in my yard that was filled to the brim and god as my witness he didn't seem to notice the "nose up a skunks ass" smell wafting out, maybe he was just a nice guy lol. Planting around farms is imo a bad thing now as farmers are attuned to different shit going on around their place. Pick an early strain that is resistant to mould and pm but still good so you can compete with the indoor stuff, I got out of it partly due to the competition and not able to get rid of quantity, a lot went south in the beginning but there is a glut of the shit coming out of the west, at least there was near the end of my career, god I loved US money ;). Now I plant 15-20 in my back yard as personal for me and my girlfriend .... we call her "Miss smokes a lot" lol.

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    Planes can dump fuel before they land for safety reasons but it's so rare. I think this dude was watching too many YouTube videos about planes. They only do that in case of emergencies where less weight in the plane would be a benefit.
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    That's what I said lol. You would never dump fuel unless is an emergency and doing otherwise is highly illegal
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