GROWTH TIPS smell like rotten eggs

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    LitLemur New Member

    Hey fellas, new here :D I'm a little over a month into my first (serious) grow. So far it has been going great! That is, until this morning. I always check my plants first thing after waking up. I always love the rush of that lovely smell when I open the door to my grow room, but today it was just... foul D:

    I noticed some rotten egg smell the moment I opened the door. I gave each of my plants a sniff saving my babies for last (I also have some jalapeƱo and cayenne seedlings under the same light, I was REALLY hoping it was them.) Unfortunately, the smell is coming from the good stuff :'( A few google searches later, I was under the impression they were getting root rot. After a little more sniffing around (literally) I noticed the smell wasn't coming from the soil, but from the new growth at the top of the plant.

    I have three plants. Out of plants 1 and 2, 1 seems to grow a little faster/taller with bigger leaves etc but they both seem to develop the same parts at pretty much the same time. Plant 2 has a bit deeper shade of green so I think it's healthier. Plant 3 is still a newborn seedling which I'm surprised sprouted at all, the seed was under-ripe (significantly smaller and still green) and i'm reasonably sure it almost burned through it's energy before it got it's leaves up.

    Plants 1 and 2 are the ones with the problem.

    I noticed some mild interveinal chlorosis in plant 1. I concluded it was magnesium deficiency after some google searches and checking what nutrients are in the soil I used (no magnesium.) So I whipped up a solution of tap water and epsom salts per the recommendations I found online. I sprayed the plants in the morning about three days apart. I only did this twice, when it came time to spray them a 3rd time I decided to try something different, since I wasn't seeing any change.

    Here's where I think I messed up: Yesterday morning I decided to try getting some epsom salts into the soil. I had originally intended on waiting until I repotted them, to mix it directily into the soil, but since I wasn't seeing any change I spread 1/2 tablespoon of epsom salt on top of the soil and watered it in. I'm thinking 1/2 tablespoon was too much, most of what I found on google seemed aimed at hydroponics or else it wasn't clear whether the instructions were for soil or not.

    Since I noticed the problem, I've flushed the soil with water = the volume of the containers (probably should/will do more.) I'm planning on repotting later in the day when it gets warmer. I'm also planning on topping/cloning sometime in the next few days unless someone warns me not to.

    Some questions I have are: Should I repot right away, or wait until the problem clears up?

    My dissatisfaction with my search results is the main I'm making this thread. The main thing I couldn't find was what it means when the growth tips smell like rotten eggs. Anytime I included "rotten eggs" anywhere in the search I got results for root rot, but they also said it would be the soil that smelled. Other results were things like "how to keep your grow room from smelling" and other unrelated stuff.

    No pictures since, other than the slight interveinal chlorosis (really it wasn't bad it all, I was mainly trying to be proactive) the plants look pretty healthy over-all. The main symptom is the bad smell.

    Some information:
    - Plants are still in veg
    - Lights are two tubes of 4' T12 6500K color temp
    - Light schedule is 18:6
    - Containers are red solo cups

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Check your ph.
    If its low all the time it can be a build up of sulfur. Which can smell eggy and pretty foul.
    But my money's on rot. Rotts stinks. Especially in organics.
    Dry it out. See if it still smells, or improves.
    Check your ph first.
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    LitLemur New Member

    If it's sulfur buildup, will that resolve itself after correcting the ph? I don't have any test strips yet, just ordered some though.

    I'm still not sure it's rot, as I said the soil doesn't stink, just the very top of the plant. Or are you saying the tip is rotting? It looks fine. Maybe some water got down between the leaves when I was misting them and took too long to dry?

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Rot will cause low ph aswell.
    Id say rot is likely 90%.
    If your ph had been low for days and days, i spose it could be sulphur. But its really unlikely. Sulphur takes a long time to break down.
    Im going with rot. Because you're in soil too, and wouldnt have much oxygen.
    Check the medium with a ph stake, to avoid more water. Dry it out.
    It isnt gonna be a quick fix
    Good luck

    LitLemur New Member

    Update: plants are doing better, the bad smell went (mostly) away within ~48hrs of flushing the soil. Noticed my ph was pretty alkaline at around 8-8.5, they fully returned to their normal smell not long after correcting that so thanks for encouraging that purchase. Noticed they were starting to get root bound when I eventually repotted them, which ig explains the slower growth. Lmk if you think of any more steps I could take, I'm off to see what can be done about the roots.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Good news!
    Just transplant them. Make sure the roots havn't been circling your pot. If they have just tease them loose, a tiny little with your fingers.
    Have lots of aeration and drainage in your pot. Use some additives like perlit or gravel if you have to. Itll keep the soil aerobic, and avoid rot or odour.
    Bigger pot + loads of aeration and drainage = bigger flowers.
    Thanks for updating mate.
    Best wishes.
    Keep us all filled in.

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    If you have used sulphur.....
    Just add it gradually over time.
    If sulphur is what you purchased.
    You shouldn't need it with good soil.
    If its the ph stake you purchased. Right on. Best 10 bucks i ever spend.
    Happy grow.

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