growing without nutrients


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all plants need nutes, i use tap water myself but i let it sit for a few days before use to let the chlorine vapor off.
theres only calcium and some magnesium in tap water but those are just trace elements, and a trace is all a plant needs of some things.
but when it comes down to the NPK (nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) human assistance is needed.

all plants need NPK or they will just start,grow alittle and die.
You can help it dissipate the chlorine by putting a bubbler in it. Depending on the size of your res you could use it the next day. I use a 32 gal res and my girls have never complained about using it the day after filling.


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And when he says top dress he means.... gives them nutrients. You can grow with amended soil. But you cannot grow without nutrients. Just like you would die if u didn’t eat so will your plants! Facts
And when you here mix up a batch of soil... it means make soil that has the nutrients in it already. So again.. not possible.
In general when you talk about not giving you plants nutrients, you mean, can you veg and flower without feeding your plants in soil.
( This grower was talking fox farm) great in flower, not so good for early veg as the soil too hot.

You need different strengths of soil for different stages in veg and a hot soil mix in flower
Same as the amount of light, space etc

See the same kind of question endless times on the forums.

I give my plants a top dress in mid flower because I get slightly better results.


Lol did you look at their pics? Seems to me they made it all the way through to a big harvest. And I’m two weeks into the flowering stage with a 5 x 3 ft luscious plant.
You can choose to believe whatever the fuck you want!, I've grown extremely heady flower , without doing anything, but letting nature take course!!, I have a shit ton of people that I have gifted too that can vouch that the terps and they flower itself was incredible!, so ya!, you can most d run a productive grow, with NO added NUTRIENTS!!!!