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    Blue brother

    Blue brother Well-Known Member

    whars the easiest most foolproof way of growing psilocybe cubensis?
    What kit?
    How long?
    Spore source?

    I’m a total noob to growing them but have had a lot that have grown wild and had both mushrooms/truffles in Amsterdam and want to have a large amount by August. I’ve got a 1.5m2 room free so can’t be bigger set up than that

    psychedelicdaddi Well-Known Member

    if you arent after commercial amounts of product and you just want a to experiment with shrooms every so often, i would recommend a shotgun fruiting chamber and BRF cakes or grain spawn to small trays. If you are after ounces of product at a time i would recommend researching bulk tek.
    here is a link to the usual BRF tek:

    and heres the SGFC:

    personally i like cooked WBS/coffee/vermiculite cakes and to just fruit from the cake. Many people prefer to grow grain spawn then break it down into a bulk substrate/fruiting chamber to get bigger fruits, which is superior in yields, even with the extra time involved usually but yea more time consuming than just fruiting spawn. Its all relatively easy if you have everything prepared mentally for the tasks.

    usually a home scientist will acquire spores from a legal vendor, then grow a few high quality cakes or spawn bags and then make a liquid culture.
    like here:

    i prefer these lids for liquid culture becuase they hold up very well, but there are other cheapers teks:
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Brf tek is super easy takes about two weeks depending on size to colonize then a couple of weeks to grow and mature.

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Once you get one or two pf-brf Tek under your belt I would strongly recommend going to trays( Sterlite plastic shoebox)or going to bulk..

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    I’ve got stuff to do bulk. I switched my 10x10 momma and clone room to just a shroom room. Just Got my agar and Petri dishes in today. Got my own horse poo and straw mix ready to go too.

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    I use my own compost(yard and kitchen waste, chicken manure, rabbit poo)
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    Richard Drysift

    Richard Drysift Well-Known Member

    If getting a lot of mushrooms in a few months is your aim I would learn to spawn to bulk. BRF cakes are great primer into learning the growing process but do not produce more than a personal amount. Spores are easy to find online look at the any of the vendors banner ads on Don't order a kit; do some research. You should be able to find everything you need locally with the exception of spores.
    Build yourself a still air box. Learn about spawning to grain once you grasp doing cakes. Once you have clean grain spawn learn about grain to grain transfers. It's much faster than starting over again from a spore syringe.
    You actually have plenty enough time to do cakes from spore to fruit and even a bulk tub or 2 before August if you start right now. Takes maybe about 8-10 weeks to get fruits from cakes when starting from a syringe but it's much faster starting from colonized grain. When you get to doing bulk you'll never go back to cakes and then your focus should be on learning about agar work. Enjoy the journey
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    It usually takes me a little over 3 weeks from start to finish. i use rye or wheat grain, (not rye grass seed). Hit them with the syringe, 1cc per jar. When jars are fully colonized, I crumble them into pastuerized compost, cover them for a week, then take off the cover and fruit. Maybe here in South Florida they grow faster.
    Blue brother

    Blue brother Well-Known Member

    Wow guys I’ve been away for a hot second and I come back to this. Thanks a bunch so much reading to do It’ll b on its way by the end of the week. Thanks again guys
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    Lostsoul41387 Member

    When I grew mushies I just did brf cakes, and I got a decent yield. Here is a few pictures I dont have pictures of the full yield but just a few. The strain is b+ and I ordered my spores from, good luck!

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    This is one thing ive wanted to try just never did
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    Lostsoul41387 Member

    Man you should it is rewarding and imo way easier then growing marijuana! I Been on the. shroom thing for like 7 years now and Im self taught! And it is not expensive, give it a go coldsmoke if ya got questions just hit me up.
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Nice i think the main reason is i just havent shroomed in a while lol

    And i usually immerse my self in new endeavors too much haha.

    But i always thought growing shrooms of anykind was cool. Edible or other

    When i used to have them grow in my pro mix or coco in my weed plants i would always leavem just cause they where cool lookin lol
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    Lostsoul41387 Member

    Lol I can relate so much I am always looking for something new to dive into! Yeah the science behind it all is so interesting thats why I grew, then I just sold em because I dont really do mushrooms due to ptsd and it just brings out the bad in me, I had a mushy grow in my weed plant recently also!
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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I used to love to shroom when i was a kid but its been fucking since my kids so around 13 years for me.

    I dont even know if i would like to shroom any more but i sure like edible mushrooms and i think they are cool.

    Haha theres this crazy guy i know who said he eats all the mushrooms i was told would kill you growing up lol

    You know the big red fuckers with the white spots! He said he eats that shit im like woa dude !

    He said you can smoke the ones on the trees too haha

    But i wouldnt be caught trying lol i still couldnt believe that he aate the red ones but if you saw his crazy ass youd know he wasnt lying haha
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