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    this is not really a full review as I am not germinating these seeds for a long time as I am gonna take a break from growing due to safety concerns lately.

    check out this packaging though. 41$ after shipping, 5 day shipping in US . they accept PayPal and mastercard/visa. for real.

    anybody have any experience with this breeder?

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    Taos Well-Known Member

    I am growing some C99 purchased through them. I had 'assumed' that they were a distributor for breeders. I sent them an e-mail asking who the breeder was for my C99, and they informed me that they did the breeding and seed production in house!

    skippy1 Member

    I ordered 3 just to check it out. Hope it doesn't turn into a aurora winds botanical fiasco.

    jrbritton Member

    I just ordered from them last Tuesday. Got my seeds Saturday and I am on the east coast. Hopefully they end up being good. The packaging for the critical purple autos i ordered says it has 27% thc. I find that hard to believe.

    WatsonvillianOG Member

    I bought a pack of 5 NL auto's from them. Grown them outdoors..under only single T5 lights to see how under tough conditions they would turn out. I grew only 2. These are a little over 4 weeks old.

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