Grow Room Air Conditioner, Why Ductless Mini Split System is Your Best Option?

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    Plants, basically, need adequate temperature and indoor humidity. When managing the climate inside your grow room, it is very important to consider these two factors.


    While you can have many options to resolve the climate issues that are associated with a grow room, using ductless mini split brings you many advantages that you can’t get from other systems.

    Compared with other air conditioning systems, like a window unit or central AC system for example, a ductless mini split is very flexible and you would not have any issues with it whatsoever, especially when it comes to the location of your grow room.

    Available in single-zone and multi-zone configurations, a ductless mini split is a perfect system for your grow room especially if your growing environment is detached from your main house where the network of HVAC ductwork is installed.

    A ductless mini split also works both as an air conditioning system and a heat pump solution. This makes it ideal for a grow room especially if you’re looking for a system that will enable you to effectively heat or cool your grow room regardless of the season or weather.

    Grow rooms can also benefit from ductless mini splits’ highly advanced system. One of their powerful features is the capability to heat the room even when the weather outside drops to subzero temperature.

    In summary:
    • No Duct Work Needed
    • Easy Installation
    • Flexible & Reliable
    • Cooling & Heating
    • Temperature Control

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