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    so my grinder is 10+ years old, missing a few teeth, so its time for a new one. I don't want junk, I am not afraid to spend some money on a grinder that will last as long as my current one did.
    what I need is
    a four piece, 5 piece would just be more to clean.
    secure lid, current is magnetic and works great
    fine-med grind
    2.5" to 3.5"<--preferred size
    non-crank non electric
    doesn't need to be fancy
    prefer USA made

    was looking at space case grinders, I like the titanium one. are they worth the cash?
    what are yall using?
    any members here make them?
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    I use a Santa Cruze shredder have had it for a year or so and I’m loving it. It has an interesting design for the keif catch, it’s a gradual curve vs a 90 degree angle. Makes it super easy to get every last bit of the keif out.

    Had a space case for all of two days before I got popped a bit ago. it was pretty nice as well and would have recommended it.
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    member mới up lên nhé.. !

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    I have a space case I have the large one and it's great had it for over 5 years turns like new.. also have a Santa Cruz shredder just a 2 piece for grinding up fine for loading up the vape.. buddy has a Cali crusher and it seems like it is also good quality

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