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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    How many of y'all have shopped at Greenpoint Seeds?
    What did you think?

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    oatski16 Active Member

    Worked great for me...I hope Aces High has that lemon...
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Smoking on some Ace High now! The lemon is more of a meyers lemon flavor. Lots of metallic/acidic and floral sweet lemon notes like the meyers lemon used for the perfect lemonade. The chem backend really adds the potency too, had to take a nap yesterday. let me see if I can snap a photo of this nug...

    Ace High - Greenpoint Seeds
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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    Worked fine on 2 different buys - np. Ran 2 Bruce Banner #3 x MC to harvest - decent, but not great, 8 beans have been in the 'expendable' tin since. Ditto w/ 5 Nightmare OG x Stardawg, which was bought dirt cheap, maybe $35. Both could be had for next to nothing.
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Most breeders that retail for around $100 on a seedbank website have to sell their packs for no more than $40/pack to those seedbanks. Customers think their purchase goes towards supporting the breeders but often times seedbanks eat up to 60% of that revenue. That's pretty much the standard model for most seedbanks, but not for

    Our seeds are sold direct to consumer so I can both cut out the middleman, and pass the savings on to the customers. A win-win for everyone, except the seedbanks (lol).

    Between the low overhead, daily Reverse Auctions, Rewards Program, deeply discounted sales, and (often free) tracked shipping, I really think I'm taking big steps to be a real competitor on the worldwide stage.

    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    This has been my favorite place to order. Trustworthy and very fair priced, also some killer auctions. Always ships fast, secure and discreet. I would rate Greenpoint seeds 10/10.

    In my vault, I have from Greenpoint-
    Stardawg BX1
    Sky pilot
    Bodega Bubblegum
    Eagle scout
    Cookies n Chem
    Green crack x PBOG
    92 OG kush x PBOG
    Santa Muerte x PBOG

    Other breeders packs I've picked up from Greenpoint-
    Thupug (afterglow)
    Thugpug (rotten bananas)
    Scapegoat (nom nom)
    HSO (Pakistani x lemon Thai x chem4)
    HSO (Afghan x Hindu x skunk)

    I would also like to mention, Greenpoint offers a generous gold nuggets reward program that has given me some nice discounts.

    Just overall a top notch seedbank

    oGeeFarms Well-Known Member

    i've heard good things but never placed order due to lack of selection and everythings always sold out too
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    dandyrandy Well-Known Member


    StarDank Member

    lol you are a pirate, still remember the anger of JJ by using its genetics in all your crosses.Attitude decided not follow selling your crossings, don't lie.
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    blu3bird Well-Known Member

    I would suggest to sign up to his mailing list! You'll receive a heads up on new drops and quickdraw auctions.
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    I'll take the good and bad I'm human and make mistakes for sure.

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    This is 100% untrue Attitude doesn't sell greenpoint because Spain was shut down for cannabis companies months after I set up. I refocused on direct sales and am better off for it.
    But explaining is losing as you are not interested in listening to what I have to say.
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    led2076 Well-Known Member

    have placed a few orders to capitalize on the sales/auctions offered in the past few months. my bean box is full now.(can always make room though). have not ran any yet but will let it b known when I do.
    sales and service is tops.
    future will tell on genetic quality. from others info I am pretty sure I will be happy. either way I will post my results here.
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    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    Thank you!
    Now I'm focusing on only what I feel are top quality crosses and a no-rush environment. I'm fortunate to be able to take things slower and scale up as I just hired my first full time salaried position. @beanderson30 on IG is my new garden manager and with his help I've been able to start so many more projects and grow way more plants

    CannaBruh Well-Known Member

    I've only made one knee-jerk order but Gu came through 100.

    And I'm so sick of the "pirate" talk. These same "breeders" hit every clone under the sun and want to lay some claim of exclusivity. Sooner or later you won't be able to make ANY seeds without someone crying foul. Be better not bitter.

    Show me the consent to use that afghani on the initial outcross..... do your due diligence or keep it shut.
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    greywind Well-Known Member

    I just put my first order in yesterday for 2 packs of The Deputy on the auction block. The deal was just too damn good to pass up. I do harbor some ill will for how things went down in the beginning with your company. I don't agree with a lot of what you had done to get established, but I respect this comment. And I need Stardawg in my life!!! So as one who doesn't live in the past, in this moment I'm happy with the ordering process. I'll follow up on delivery and beans when they arrive. Cheers and happy hunting all!
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    StarDank Member

    The problem is that some "exclusive" breeders do not sell as much as you think.deliver crosses with their genetics 3 times more cheaper he is considered unfair competition. Karma G also had to live this

    led2076 Well-Known Member

    @greywind did u get in when there was only 5 pks left? reason I ask is when i tried checking out with the last 5, it would only let me do 3 pks, so i figure someone else had 2 pks at the same time checking out too.
    glad we both got some!

    Gu~ Well-Known Member

    You are correct. There is a form of undercutting that happens.
    But in business you have to take steps to curb these risks.
    Greenhouse Seeds, for instance, exclusively feminized their Super Lemon Haze to keep hold of their market share for exactly that reason. DNA and other big names follow the same path.
    They didn't complain to others, they took action.
    This market is going to continue to evolve and get more cluttered with competition, and no-one is responsible for your success or failure except you.
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