Greenpoint seeds!!


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You know what I don't understand is why a company like Dinafem doesn't make bulk seeds out of something killer.
Best weed I've grown was created in Spain.
I just don't understand why Dinafem wouldn't just crush it selling awesome bulk seeds for the price of birdseed.
Instead we end up with garbage.from them.
My 'GG#4' looks like some kind of haze. Sativa traits and the haze smell. Probably a pretty long flower


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Sativa was the norm.
This was pre Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Afghany genetics were isolated to a few places in North America at the time, most of which had been brought back by Hash smugglers, aka The Brotherhood of Eternal Love.
Swami has his fair share of the BOEL strains. I'm growing out the one where he crossed a BOEL 1976 Nigerian with the BMR BX2. All those are still in the hands of strong knowledgeable breeders.


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I have a feeling breeders may start to try and reach further back to these types of strains and start crossing them with today's GSC and others strains like it. I got a bunch of maui seeds from an old grower a while back. He said the strain had been grown on the same very isolated property since the mid sixties and supposedly something like a pure line. I've been wanting to pop them and mix them with something.