Greenpoint seeds!!


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Well in spite of being nearly broke and after just purchasing a couple of packs a few days ago (that are of course cheaper now but I wasn't sure if the stock would hold throughout Black Friday sales), I opted for Blizzard Bush which I've really wanted and Purple Outlaw because it was a freaking steal at $17. Both packs for under 40 bucks with no nuggets or anything, just simply cannot argue with that.


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Just snagged my first pack of GP. Thanks for the sale Gu.

Anyone have pictures of the i95 x stardawg? Should be an insane variety I've heard great things about the i95.
Just under 7 weeks from the flip.



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Order summary
Truth or Consequences × 1
Premium Collectors Pack: 10 Seeds

Full Moon Fever × 1
Premium Collectors Pack: 10 Seeds

Pioneer Kush × 1
Premium Collectors Pack: 10 Seeds

@Gu~ I left a note for bitcoin purchase if its okay? If not ill send cash.
Hes accepting btc?