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    I will ask them again. This is what Google, Mozilla, and Apple are all telling me to do. They are telling me it is an issue with the cache on the browsers and that this is the only way to fix it until they update again. It is the personal caches that the platform and the browsers connect with each other (depending on settings chosen by the user and/or outdated defaults). The platform and the browsers have not been able to give me any other information but that.

    This is their last response:

    ...I cannot say this enough: please push your users to clean their browsers and caches completely. 99% of the time it is because a user doesn't know how to clear their caches and cookies properly. They just clean one or the other, or they don't know how to. Keep this in mind before you explore other options. And if you can, please get access to their screen so you can properly clean their caches and cookies ("All Time", NOT "Past 24 Hours" or "Past Week"), close the browser completely (most browsers still run in the background even after closing them down), restart the browser and refresh any bookmarks that may be old or outdated.

    This is not an issue with your site, but with the connection between caches. The 400 error IS NOT a Server-Side Error. It is a Client-Side Error. And users do not like hearing that there is something wrong with their browsers or their configurations. This bug is browser based on the client side and has nothing to do with the website. Therefore, it is a client and browser problem:

    "All HTTP response status codes that are in the 4xx category are considered client error responses..."

    "Since a Bad Request Error indicates that the request sent by the client was invalid for one reason or another, it’s entirely possible the issue stems from the clients settings. Your client may be trying to send a file that’s too big, the request could be malformed in some way (viruses, malware, browser extensions or plugins, ad-blockers, etc), the request HTTP headers could be invalid, and so forth. There are literally hundreds of things that could be the culprit at this point."

    "If these errors are only occuring with one or two users (and nobody else is having similar issues), this just goes to prove that it is most likely a browser-related issue."
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    I wasn't trying to put you on the spot, just wanted you to have as much info as I could provide. Thanks for looking into it.
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    Of course. I didn't think that at all. I just didn't want you to think I was being lazy about it and so I wanted to give you everything they gave me :-)

    I am checking out their last changelogs as we speak and will message you as soon as I get any further information. Promise.
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    This bug has nothing to do with waitlists.

    1. Log in.
    2. Left-Click "My Account" to go to the account information screen.
    There you go. It repros every time from here.

    It would seem there are actually two "My Account" drop-down menus that are very similar -- and the one that's displayed on the user account page is broken.

    This is what happens when you use canned software.
    Customization is a bitch and now they've got you by the short hairs... :roll:

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    Pig Whistle #4 cut is back.
    Thanks @pinner420 20180711_160307.jpg

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    Thank you for the feedback. It is very helpful.

    Unfortunately, like I said, the only quick way to get rid of it is by fixing the Waitlist integration. When removing it, it goes away forever and completely solves the problem. Me adding the part about how it doesn't show unless you have items in your Waitlist was merely an observation I included.

    When I said:

    "It only affects customers utilizing the waitlist functions. Without them, it works fine..."​

    I should've been more specific and wrote:

    "It only visually affects customers utilizing the waitlist functions during normal use. When not utilizing the Waitlist functions and when navigating the site normally, there are no visible blemishes..."​

    Our situation and environment are different (as I am sure you know) than other base configurations. The only way to give you a complete understanding of this situation would be to give you admin access to the site because not everything is visible from the front-end. You also understand this isn't something we can do.

    We have the best developers available to us and we trust what they do and what information they give us. We have to.
    1. One is a current WC developer who has been with them for years.
    2. The second one is a great guy I met at a WC conference in Italy a few years back and is also the author of some of the best-selling WP/WC books. He also teaches WP/WC for a living.
    3. The third one is a developer we found through integrations (he builds integrations for our platform for a living and he offered us paid extra assistance whenever we needed him).

    These 3 different developers have tried to fix it and it's still the same outcome.

    What you posted is just showing how it can be reproduced without items in the Waitlist. But the Waitlist is always there, just not visible. It loads with every account page just like WC and the other integrations (whether or not an action you perform calls them for visual content). The problem is always there, just not visible in the menu when there are no items in the Waitlist for a logged in user.

    Opening it in another tab brings it back, yes, but that is not the issue we are having. If it was, you would be spot on. The issue causing this to display has nothing to do with visible items on the front-end, it has to do with a conflicting piece of code that is not visible from the front-end and is improperly using an override from another integration causing not only this issue (that we have been discussing), but one other that has nothing to do with the front-end.

    We also only have one menu.

    I have this same integration on 4 other sites and it has never been a problem except when it is installed with this other integration. But this other integration has no issues with any others.

    I have gone through this a zillion times with them and have had our 3 different WP/WC devs go through and try it from all the other angles that I might have missed.

    The Waitlist integration causes this.

    The only other way I could explain it would be to reference ionCube. This is basically what we are dealing with and trying to pull conflictions from, but from within the encrypted code that is proprietary.

    Either way, all suggestions and theories are helpful and welcome. They force me to go back through the details and sometimes I find stuff that I could have missed otherwise.

    So thank you. Just please email about this so I can keep better track of it. I have a whole system taking care of website changes, updates and fixes and it is extremely helpful in getting things done faster.

    EDIT: I just tested your theory, but the same thing: Waitlist. Sent your notes to WP/WC developers and they'll get back soon and I can update you by email or here. Email is better for me and is less confusing to the others who might not understand. And it doesn't muck up the forum with this type of information so there is more room for GPS growing and images :-)

    UPDATE: Sorry Brother. They said the same thing I did. If you think of anything else, PLEASE email me so I can keep track of your notes easily so that we can use them to help in the future.

    These things will not be an issue soon. That's all I can really say ;-)
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    The Blizzard Bush, Im just chopping it today, it really looks to be a great yielder , this was in a one gallon soil bucket, I also main lined it, for the most part , the Sativa side branching still took over but nugs are all fat , not much in smell but as others said after chop and even just a couple days funky smells start to mature from the Stardawg gear, time will tell in the taste and smells, old school smells for sure

    I flipped her at around 16 inches , topped out around 40 inches , shoots up fast after 12/12

    I hate estimating trichs on finishers like this with so many white hairs, but I’m saying around 70 %cloudy 20 %clear , 5 to 10 % amber , the ambers are very sporadic

    ... yes this is 91 DAYS FROM FLIP ...

    grown under 400w vero cob LEDs
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    91 days and still white hairs :shock:
    Damn I hope my Blizzard Bush's dont take that long! They do look good though!
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    Go right ahead! if you want me to email original pictures just let me know
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    Yes, please do, the 3 from the first post (they are all great, but these will work best):


    Thank you soooooooooooOOOO MUCHHH!

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    One of my Bandit Breaths. May have a winner, at least the structure is impressive. Will know after cure.

    Originally I wasnt going to take clones of these because they grow so slowly but the node spacing of this one really is impressive. 15313517309845798946989363839672.jpg 1531351613037977236716425081134.jpg 15313518487931357681501152638364.jpg

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    White pistil's is no way to tell if its done. Lots of things like high temp, nitrogen etc will cause new pistils. Just look at trichs.
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    Thanks again! These are great!

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    13 weeks from flip? Wow! too long for me :cry:
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    Tbh just judging by trichs isn't a very good way either. I've grown plenty of sativas that show amber as soon as they start flowering and some that will never amber as long as you flower them. There's no just one method to tell when a plant is done, you need to take every factor as possible into account and even then you're not going to get a perfect judge of time frame until you've run it multiple times harvesting at different stages to figure out the best harvest window for that particular strain
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