Greenpoint seeds email " tester" fishing scam

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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    Oh man I fell for it.The ol sign me up and get these seeds to test for us...then the awe shucks you didn't get to be a tester...BUT get these great prices now and place an order that was never replied to or acknowledged.Mr.magoo...or just GU the Colorado emailer for GPS sais maybe its lost in my junk folder.Dude get it right...the customer is always right....well most of the time.Then I sais yo I was bout to post in riu but decided not too cuz I like my Bodhi,gage green,archive,cooesseur,dna,rare dankness gear so I wont.Then he gets back and sais that a threat????ha!!!this is what I wrote to that.

    No threats GU, that's what forums are for breh.
    The weed community calling breeders on their bullshit when they fuck up and praising them
    when they do something awesome and groundbreaking.
    You guys are new and want people to buy your seeds.
    I get it.
    I put in an order.
    Think it said something like ,placing this order you agree to follow through with the purchase.
    Took the time to fill out your tester forms and not a word.
    Just an email saying ah too bad you didn't get to test but you can now buy our seeds
    if you want at this great low price get m now.
    Once again , nuth'n . Sneaky way of getting your email list built up though.
    hmmm where's that unsubscribe button?!?!?
    oh there it is at the bottom.

    So Mr. magoo or GU I don't make threats I just go along with my day trying to create magic with my greenhouse and don't take lightly people that do shiesty business like trolling a website to gain emails from people to push their gear.If you are good and people vouch for you and your stuf,you wont need to do quit and start again.g'day MATE!!!!
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    corey lahey

    corey lahey Member

    Can you imagine how many people signed up for testers?
    I also signed up both times to be a tester, but no joy. I've still bought 12pks of his seeds and will continue to do so.

    From what I've seen on other forums GU is definitely one of the good guys, and I have had nothing but great service from GPS.

    At least with you unsubscribed there's now one person less to be a tester, lol

    From GU ''Signup and selection will def be different next time. It will be on a pre-arranged day, at a pre-determined time. It will close when the Xth spot is filled''
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    guwall Well-Known Member

    You threatened me that you would start a thread on RIU if I didn't send you free seeds.
    Well here you are.
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    genuity Resident chucker

    You know how it is gu~...
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    drolove Well-Known Member


    amgprb Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the heads-up! Lol, you know i went right to and signed up to be a tester! Ha

    I have heard nothing but good things bout greenpoint so far, so now maybe I will get choosen for testing!
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    GPS......start a seed company and then blast unsolicited emails to buy them,THEN when a person...ME puts in an order you don't even follow through.wasup with that?cmon man.Forums cant be all praise the breeder cuz he's the topdog.You need us like we need you.Just get your shit together!!!!Maybe something like this is what you need.anyways blaming me for losing your NON email in my junkbox gave me poise to blast ya for a minute.I'm sure you'll live.PEACE
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    Get will never be a tester EVER.It's just a way to get your email so they can blast ya.All the testers are always the same guys who have been doing it for years cuz they are pros.IF you think otherwise your dumb like me.haha

    amgprb Well-Known Member

    First off - dont call me dumb. Im gonna let it slide this time cause im in a decent mood and I understand you are frustrated...

    That said, who knows maybe it is a random draw and maybe I am selected. Maybe i get to know these guys and find out the are straight up and then become a tester. It has happened. I have and am testing for a handfull of breeders. I have 3 different tester strains going right now as I have the room with 3 flower cabs, veg cab and a cloning/stud cab.

    I wasnt bashing you nor did I troll you. I hope what ever situation you have with greenpoint works out well for you.

    Grojak Well-Known Member

    As an up and comer in the breeding world I see a lot on the local and global scene and the biggest issue (I've been guilty and made it right) is follow through. So yea GU probably messed up somewhere with an order, shit happens, reading this I must remember the truth is always somewhere between the 2 stories.

    Funny though I don't see him getting blasted on sites that sell his gear (and also where he has found testers) but maybe that is because those folks are good honest folk who understand shit happens if they don't get selected as a tester. I'd offer to let you test a strain I'm planning to drop in the next 6 months but fuck it I don't do drama and whether you're right or wrong you're still drama.
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    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    LOL funny shit...
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    true it is all drama cuz I was bored as hell today.BUT nevertheless...What I said is true.Whether he's a good guy or not,thats what happened and these guys putting seeds in bags and making HELLA money need to be kept in check everynow and then.drama or no drama.All I can say,is this is my thread and if you don't like it go somewhere else.This is the DRAMA thread.
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    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    daybreaker needs a tampon and some vanilla ice cream to soak up this sob story.
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    I prefer pads and chocolate .thanks though.i guess I made my thread now I gotta lay in it.
    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    Glad you have a funny bone! :) thanks for the warning btw.
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    Ya know if a little bitching gets done at the right time it can reflect in a hopeful better way of those bitchees making less mistakes and in the long run the majority will prosper.Not like I'm some prophet of justice or nuthn , but I like people that practice good business and when they involve me in their lameness , then they'll hear about it...AND I may look like a whiney dick but in truth I have no ill personal feelings towards any of the this case GU , except when I get hermies or lame genetics that don't live up to their claims.....AND we all know who THEY are.

    Thumbs-and-Ammo-10.jpg I'm over it if yall can live with it.i'm outskeeeee.

    Anyone else can talk to my secretary at [email protected]

    vitamin_green_inc Well-Known Member

    I got on the MC testers and didn't get on the StarDawg testers. I bought multiple packs of both, and the service was quick. GU has always promptly responded to my questions, and I have debated getting even more of his genetics. He is trying to get on, in a big way....why would he turn down any potential customer unless you just overreacted? GreenPoint Seeds has the fire, and at a much cheaper price than any other "breeder."
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    genuity Resident chucker

    The seed game is just nuts......
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    daybreaker Well-Known Member

    You are correct in that he is trying to get on in a big way and I respect that , because its a lot of work.Look his company sent out emails looking for testers,got an email saying oh too bad you you didnt get chosen.
    Awe Shucks!
    I don't know how to break it to ya.
    Hey , I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know that you were not chosen for this testing round. There was such an overwhelming response that I couldn't accommodate everyone.
    But for showing support and enthusiasm to us we'd like to offer you a chance to score some of these tester packs at the LOWEST RATE they will ever be offered. A minuscule $24.97 per pack
    Friday, December 19th, 2014 @ 9:00am EST
    If you've ever purchased GPS products before (we thank you), you know how quickly gear goes, so be sure to act fast. This will be the lowest the Stardawg hybrids ever go for.
    Thank you for the continued support. And we think you are still part of the Greenpoint Seeds family.
    Gu~ & Mrs. Greenpoint
    Greenpoint Seeds
    BUT lucky you can now purchase at $24.97 and said if you order please follow through. So I put in an order and never heard anything back.Then weeks later after I ahd been waiting on something...ANYTHING,,, I get another email saying
    Star Dawg Hybrids Are LIVE!
    I listed a few of the Star Dawg hybrids at
    I listed them for $39.94 (10 per pack) and I'm going to be taking them away as they sell out.
    After you submit your order, I will have to manually enter the info into an invoice, so please give me some time.
    Also, I will be processing orders all day today, so please only send me an email if it's urgent.
    Thanks, and let's show them GPS is here to stay!
    Gu~ Greenpoint

    Greenpoint Seeds
    we are having another seed drop at the all new priceof $39 and I emailed him to see what was up..........His response to me was

    Did you end up paying and I never got back to you? that seems odd.
    Oh I see, You put in an order and I never sent the invoice…. Or maybe I did and it’s buried in your junk?


    That's the issue.

    like I said im over it.yall can stick with GP im sure they'll eventually drop that preverbial ball again...lets hope not.happy seed hunting!!!!!
    King Arthur

    King Arthur Well-Known Member

    I am confused, did he offer you the beans at a lower price and then not give them to you?

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