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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    Should i get into this again and try and make it.into the next vice video?
    That'd be sweet tbh.. but really sun? I know you got better sense than this.. was shocked when I saw it was you starting this thread tbh..

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    Pheno hunt.... 1 good bean out of a pack o 5 and that's on a good day! BUT when you do find her she's a keeper but not worth the ball ache unless you got the space and can take a hit if/when some hermie.
    So pretty unstable and not even mentioning the shady business ethics... dollar dollar billz ya'll :wall:

    Most of the strains they do you can buy better and/or original/alternative versions, With all of that being said though two strains instantly come to mind, Exodus Cheese which imo is near the top of the best seed representations of the Original uk clone only Cheese and Super Lemon haze which just speaks for itself, a lovely smoke and both make great hash too for when you do get the shitty few out of a pack.



    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    It's a legit question/thread topic, you slamming them here a while back is on you.

    All I care to know is if they are doing their job, and if their genetics are up to par.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    Their shit sucks balls.. how's that for a legit answer? Damn, why so hostile ?

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    Hehe!, I'm not being hostile...simply asking questions.

    Even Sannie has his weaknesses, one must simply separate the dross from the gold.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    Sorry sun .. I wasn't trying to be a dick and just felt something got lost in translation is all..
    For the most part ghsc is very hit and miss for the most part and some of their strains tend to be very Hermie prone.. not all mind you..
    Their slh is supposed to be very nice if you find the rigjt pheno naturally..

    In all fairness I'm not a fan of.ghsc mostly for their business practices and the fact that I don't like their genetics comes second to that ..

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    The Malawi strain hunters video makes me wonder why it is taking them so long to release some Malawi seeds. Maybe they are just crossing them still and looking for a winner?

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    yes I can give you about 5 reasons not to buy there genetics sunbiz(cause I like you) 1. dinafem 2. breeders boutique 3. barneys farm 4. mr.nice 5. reserva privada would all be better places to spend your money.

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    i wouldn't even entertain the idea of buying their gear on principle alone.
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    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    This was why I originally brought up the topic, many conflicting reports here...including a very long fuck Greenhouse thread from last year I won't bother re-posting.


    Izoc666 Well-Known Member

    Well i ve smoked their Super Lemon Haze at the local disp/clone , it surprised me that its very superb strain thats for sure since i read a lot of threads that many growers dont like this GHSC strains...all i can say is grow one and see for yourself, since their price is cheap, If you re in the non medical marijuana state then try to buy few packs to find the winner pheno and if you re in the MMJ state then get a sample buds or clone at the reliable clone genetic center. Im not really crazy about GHSC and im big fanboy of Serious Seed :D

    Stay High and Enjoy, peepz

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    Il just post my experience with them. You take it however.

    When I first started growing I had already helped someone set all their shit up and grow for a year. I had a bit of a head start. I got cuts from him and had several harvest of top shelf meds which at the time commanded $400 an oz.

    I got bored of my 5-6 strains and wanted to find something of my own. Something just right for me. So I hit the googlebox. Low and behold theirs 13,719 videos about how awesome Arjan and ghs is. Him in the ludicris video. Him usin a Rez, pump and wand to water plants. All the cup bs. Basically marketing out the wazoo. I fell for it all hook line and sinker.

    Bought a ton of GHS gear. Kaia kush. Lady burn 74. The church. Super duper lemon haze.

    All but maybe 2 didn't germ. And out of the other 20 or so beans only 1 Kaia kush plant was worth a damn and I couldn't get 2 ounces outa one to save my life. Now Kaia kush isn't even GHS genetics come to find out its apothecary.

    At the time I was running tangerine dream too and it was literally one of the worst plants I've ever ran. All 5 seeds were bunk. They were better then the GHS losers. The GHS losers had 0 flavor or potency. I was appalled at how terrible the bad ones were.

    Now I know someone who wrestled a great super lemon haze pheno but he said its a terribly low yielded too so he only ever runs 1 or 2 for the head stash.

    I loved that Kaia kush I ran it for a couple years and kept more then 80% for myself. Let the patients have other stuff. I was also always very excited to hear that my buddies SLH was ready.

    I then found out about the rest of the world of seeds and became addicted. I will someday run some more GHS but probably not til I'm long retired and probably just to reinforce my decision to not run it my whole life.

    I have hundreds of seeds and will probably buy hundreds more but GHS won't be on any of those purchases anytime soon. Even if your looking for Dutch fem beans their are atleast 5 company's I would go with before GHS.

    I've recently ran their kings kush. Which I also think is apothecary but it wasn't too bad. Very nice OG taste. Slight orange background to a decent skunky funk body. Almost waxy tasting too. I was very hard pressed to get rid of it at the time I did because I didn't have a whole lot better so I gave it to a friend who's about to finish it out and I hear its doing awesome. He's a pretty damn good grower too and would tell me right off the bat of be didn't like it. He's gotten rather grumpy with me for giving him mediocre genetics before he's very limited on space.

    I guess my only 2 winners for GHS have been non GHS strains they bought so that probably doesn't bode well.

    Lady burn 74 was the worst buncha beans. One of my phenos had a cool sativa giggle feel buzz but they all taste like boot rubber.

    Idk man of you got unlimited space and got plenty of really good bud around then go nuts BUT if you can only run so many then I wouldn't mess with them. I'd even run Cali connection before I ran GHS.

    Hope my rambling helps!
    brotes grandes

    brotes grandes Active Member

    Above post is a f#*kwitt...
    But anyway a helpful response is to honestly try it out yourself mate. I have had good and bad greenhouse gear but probably won't go back to them as it ended up to much stress n dramas in long run and nowadays there is alot of good and better seed co's around then greenhouse and strains coming close to theirs so shop around unless your hearts already set on em. GL

    mcrandle New Member

    Well, if you're going to call someones post a "fuckwitt" then at least take the time to explain that theory.

    Sunbiz1 Well-Known Member

    And that settles that...TY.

    HGK420 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome.

    As for the f#ckwit comment there was a very large and crazy spam post that got deleted. I believe that might be where his aggression is being directed?

    mcrandle New Member

    Ah ok. I read your post and was wondering just what that guy was talking about...that makes sense.

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    make sure when yu get yure beans go to walmart and get a pair of tweezers,GHS are hermie breeders.

    raiderman Well-Known Member

    I would go with barneys farm first for reasonable priced genetics.

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