Greenhouse Green-o-Matic Autoflowering Smoke Report

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    Strain: Greenhouse Seeds Green-o-Matic (Autoflowering Feminized)

    Growth: 2 main different phenotypes from my 5 pack of feminized seeds: one pheno was great for SOG, because it was just one main bud with two small side branches--15" radius and a 15-18" plant. The other pheno was a more branchy plant that liked to be topped at the 4th internode right when flowering was about to start. This plant grew taller at around 20-24" and needed a bit more horizontal space as well--biggest radius was about 22" around at base. This pheno gave 6-9 nice branches and also yielded almost 2X as much as the single cola phenotype, but also took 10-18 days longer to flower and obviously was not very well suited to SOG. Both phenotypes vegg for about 18-20 days then start flowering explosively. Expect to give the single cola phenotype 1-2 gallons of grow medium and the branchy pheno likes 3 gallons or more. NOTE: I gave these plants 18/6 light starting out for the first 3 weeks until I saw buds forming, then gave them 12/12 light after that because they were moved in with some regular flowering plants---so expect a bigger yield if you use 18/6 or 24/0 the whole time.

    Nutes: Subcool Super Soil at bottom half of every grow pot + Advanced Nutrients: Tarantula, Big Bud, Bud Candy, Nirvana once every 7 days until the last 10 days before harvest.

    Yield: SOG pheno: 17g (62 days), 17.8g (64 days) Branchy pheno: 22.6g (72 days), 28.3g(78 days), 31.1g(80days)

    Bag Appeal: 8/10 Nice lime green buds with darker green leaflets. Nice coating of trichomes everywhere and all of the hairs are a nice shade of orange.

    Smell: 9/10: A very unique smell that is kinda hard to describe -- very sweet with a melon/grape background but a strong smell almost like Holy anointing oil prevails once it is cured for about 3 weeks.
    During growth, you are gonna need ventilation if you are worried about smell, because if a circulating fan is blowing even the slightest bit on the buds or if you happen to brush up against a bud, it creates a hashy skunky smell.

    Taste: 9/10: The melon taste comes through with a very sweet palate almost as sweet as the Sweet Tooth strain for the SOG phenotypes. A little spicy and earthy taste in the more branchy phenotypes with some berry.

    The High: SOG phenotype: 6.5/10--comes on strong and is very Indica couch lock feeling with a slight buzz in the head. Good for munchies and movies, but it doesn't last more than about an hour and a half or 2 at most.
    Branchy Phenotype: 8.5/10--more of a sativa buzz at first that makes you feel very giggly and want to do something fun. Also good for the munchies, good for parties and going out. A much longer buzz from this one: 3, even 4 hours after smoking a fat joint of some strong bong hits.

    Comments: A good strain for anybody wanting some primo bud in 60-70 days. You really can't talk shit about the quality of this strain's bud, especially the longer flowering Branchy pheno. Good stuff that is on par with normal Photoperiod strains. If you want to get the most from these plants, I would advise giving them 18 or more hours of light per day. However, they still do flourish in 12/12 setting as well. This can be a great strain for SOG if you can get the right phenotypes lined up, but you can still easily keep the branchy plants trained to maximize light and space if that is an issue.

    : 8/10

    The pictures are all of the different branchy phenotype, including the final product at 2 weeks cure.

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    WeedKillsBrainCells Well-Known Member

    I always wondered what this would be like to smoke as it seemed to be a runt in terms of ghs's other stock and just didn't like the name. Glad to know something good can come in a short time

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    I was also skeptical believe me...especially coming from a big name seed company like Greenhouse. I have yet to try the 80 day plant (picture 1) which is the one I REALLY want to try because the buds were oozing with resin. But once I do, I will post how it goes on here....probably gonna let the buds from the 80 day cure until June 10th or so then give em a smoke. But yea, I agree...the name green-o-matic really is lame.

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    Gave the 80day plant buds a try a few minutes ago and WOW! Definitely worth the extra wait on that plant. It's right up there with some white widow I had from another local grower the previous night. The buds on this plant seem more dense than the other 4 plants were. Main cola ended up weighing 17grams itself. Nice sturdy golf ball sized side branches gave me another 14grams. All of the plants were about half the size of my normal plants in my flowering tent. And remember these Autoflowers were grown with 12/12 light.....

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    thcteddy Active Member

    Very nice grow mate, I'v got the same strain going at the moment. At day 36. Its my first grow and could use the advice of a more experienced grower such as yourself. If you get a chance to check out my grow It would be much appreciated dude.

    WeedKillsBrainCells Well-Known Member

    got some slh the other day another greenhouse strain. got it cheap(er) than my normal strains but ugh worst weed ive ever got. ive gone my whole life without having seeds in my shit but this guy managed to make fluffy hermed weed. damn... gets you fucked up though so i cant complain

    cc08150 Well-Known Member

    I've actually had some problems with Greenhouse and hermies but its just certain strains of their's....last time i grew The Church i had some seeds and nanners here and there in my bud, so hoping that my new grow wont produce the same results.....Greenhouse definitely has their ups and downs, strain-wise!

    teoborg Active Member

    I also had a Green-o-matic, worst plant ever. After cured it was like oregano, maybe good for food but not for smoking. I was really impressed on how crap an auto can be.

    soulshinefairy New Member

    This is an old post wonder why it was “new news” but to add my two sense, don’t attempt this strain using hydro all 3 plants had a super weak stalk, the buds were beautiful until the darn plants snapped at the base, waste of time. Thankfully I had 2 purple kush and one lil Jim running with them, best purple I ever grew, and I somehow figured out how to rejuvenate that tiny Jim and her second growth got me 28g. Ryders should rarely get that much so I was happy.

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