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3 x 100 hand slap - trichome jungle
4 x sour rose

2 x Dutchie Jones - connoisseur genetics
1 x nitro express - kaliman
1 x dr grinspoon- Barney’s ( always been curious)

4 x 818 x JoshD Og ( chucks )

All up and happy apart from two strange mutant looking seedlings in the 100 hand slap that should come good.


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Great looking grow, nice plants :blsmoke: How much gypsum do you top dress with?
just a small handfull every week or so up until around week 4 or 5 of flower then stop pretty much all topdressing and teas.

This is the second run with the same soil mix and it seems to get better.
I re-amended it after harvest and haven’t been going mad with the topdress and have had no problems at all.

Used to run coco for years with all the PHing, EC and rez changes this low maintenance style is the way.
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