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Discussion in 'Inspired Art' started by rollitup, May 10, 2008.

    Captin Crazy

    Captin Crazy Active Member

    i design flyers and posters for night clubs.

    i do a few other bits for online things too.

    im not on my own comp at the mo but ill try find some of the stuff i did on the net and link ya!
    Captin Crazy

    Captin Crazy Active Member

    Captin Crazy

    Captin Crazy Active Member


    paradiddle Active Member

    My best friend is the designer for the college I go to and has been at it for 5 years. He is always looking for xtra work. If you are interested pm me and I'll show you the college's website...all of the art on it is his(not the actual web-site, just the art)

    he also designed halo-guitars logo which landed my band a sick endorsement deal. you could check out their site, most of the art on there is his, their logo was ll him... Just let me know via pm

    Ejmi12 Active Member

    This could be something I can put a great deal of my time into. not only have i done design work for websites, but i could incorporate my own work in this. Check out a few of my designs below

    [email protected]

    IpFreely Well-Known Member

    please IM me if the position is still open, i do this for a living and i can send you expamples.

    Mattboy25 Active Member

    check me out if your interested

    DWR Well-Known Member

    .psd web layouts... with slices or what ? or just design .psd

    size .... width ?

    footer - with programming ?

    Logo - no problem :D ?

    beauser420 Active Member

    Graphic Designer following up on the position.

    Please PM me if position is still open, or I'll be checking back here every so often.

    I can provide web samples, flyer samples, and pretty much any sample you would need.

    I have an extensive background with print design for one of the largest fabric printers in the world. (Would rather not disclose name here)

    Nuggles Active Member

    I'm a photographer/photoshop artist/Gdesigner

    potifull Member

    i am skilled with both the compputer and a pen and pad, and always come with an opened mind full of ideas, here are some of my work on and off the comupter.

    some banners that i did for some of my friends:[​IMG]

    just let me know ether way, my email is : [email protected] my yahoo messenger is : warlove345 or just get hold of me throught this. hope to hear from you soon,

    superhighme Well-Known Member

    So far all this shit sucks. You'd be better off using Craigslist to find a freelance graphic designer. I haven't seen a good graphic yet. Just saying. Unfortunately I wont advertise my business here. Sorry I can't be of any help, but at least I can be blunt. Its the internets :)
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    greenmountainbud Member

    i have some logos that aren't really companies, would you wanna see them along with my active website design?

    breakneck Calyx LED

    $50 logos, $25 headers w/o any programming.

    Give me an example and I'll show you my style. I would rather show something LIVE than my past work.

    sammywat Member

    this is a few things ive done. if u like my art and still need a graphic artist send me a e-mail!!! [email protected]

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    Mattboy25 Active Member

    dont know if this offer still stands, but check me out at i do alot of comic editorial type stuff, i'll work for 90 dollars per illustration.

    m3snwbrder98 Active Member

    eh was really bored tonight couldn't really sleep, put this together in photoshop...

    if you want it, you can have it FREE! your site is awesome :P

    PM for .PDF if u actually want

    tboandfshady Member

    hi i am a young graphic designer. i have currently finished a diploma in creative&media (basicly multimedia) and am on a fulltime two year BTEC national in art&design.

    i use gimp, illustrator and photoshop ill post
    here is some of my work:









    here is a unfinished peice of work next to the original photo (done in illustrator):



    emailme [email protected]

    .moonchild Active Member

    heres a logo I did, figured I'd post it here


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