gorilla glue #4

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    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    Is this a tall and stretchy type? would this be ideal for scrog?
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    @Norcali Well-Known Member

    SCROG is recommended. They stretch, for sure..
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    explosive82 Well-Known Member

    Where can i get some of this in oregon :(

    edroponico Active Member

    It has explosive stretch and I find it to be super hardy overall. It is one of the best Scrog strains I've ever personally run.

    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    Stretch is very similar to sour d. It would work great for scrog, works great for trees to.
    I can hook you up with the glue if you don't have it
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    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    ty so much for the offer, but I got it about 6 mo ago;). I was planning on putting her in a nice size tote with a scrog, but i ran out of room in veg and she had to go into flwr in the 5g bucket:/ (I can already see shes gonna need some taming lol) The other clones still in veg will go into the greenhouse next month. Thats going to give me a whole diff perspective of the plant outdoors;) Ever grown it outdoors FG? anyone?
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    Aeroknow Well-Known Member

    It's badass outdoor too;-)
    Very badass!

    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    Hell ya that's awesome!! I'm gonna grow quite a few of them outdoors this year, I'm stoked for them! Even if early frost they look done really early.
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    BOBBY_G Well-Known Member

    how is its yield relative to sour?

    are there any dispensaries in sac area that have the cut? i dont see it on Drs orders menu right now.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Got my hands on a believed to be legit clone in MI. Got a nice bushy momma I just put under to flower about 10-12 days ago.
    Heres a few veg pics (in a 4x4 room for size reference). @Hammerhead571 I'd love an opinion.


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    @Norcali Well-Known Member

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    nvhak49 Well-Known Member

    So I was given this cutting from a guy I met in the Alaska section of this forum and was told it was GG4 and was brought up from Seattle. This is my first time flowering her but not 100% if it's the real one, has anyone else seen purple on her before like this? The pic was taken Yesterday it's 4 weeks into flower.

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    ForeverGreen42 Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's not G.G. by the looks of it. I've seen slight purpling on GG4, but nothing like that and definitely not that early on. Only like the last 1-2 weeks of flower, and its usually so little you can barely see it. The leaves also look a little different IMO. Looks good nonetheless though!
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    kmog33 Well-Known Member

    It's hard to tell if your leaf twisting is from nute tox or because of the gg4 trait. But your leaves all look kind of unhappy so it's hard to tell what the leaves actually look like healthy, making it harder to identify as gg4 or not.

    I'd say the stacking and purpling doesn't look much like gg4 either. But you're in Alaska so it may be cold there lol.

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    nvhak49 Well-Known Member

    I just foilar fed them in those pictures so they look droopy, they perked back up after they dried up. They don't have any Nute tox it's not clawing or burnt leaf tips and I'm growing them in living soil too. I'll post some more pictures when I get a chance to take some.
    shynee mac

    shynee mac Well-Known Member

    I got some super glue (gorilla glue X King gelato #45) by "King Klone" from "valley health options" they want $15 but its worth it. I've had it for about 6 months flowered it twice and I'm throwing it outdoors in a few weeks also to see how it does outside vs indoor

    @Norcali Well-Known Member

    GG#4 - Flower day 45 IMG_2157.JPG
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    @Norcali Well-Known Member


    @Norcali Well-Known Member

    West Coast Comatose

    West Coast Comatose Active Member

    I've been trying to get a hold of gg#4 dhn clones always selling out before I can get to em. Anyone know if pcg( purple city genetics) has the legit cut? Or if any dispensary has the cut?

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