Good source for San Pedro cuttings?

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    Ive found one called the succulent source, but wondering if there’s any that are better. Looking for 2 12” cuttings, unless there’s a legal loophole to buy buttons....
  2. Bouncing Bear Botanicals you might have to reach out to them directly to ask.

    Ebay as well has quite a few listings..

    Keep us posted what you find and I will do the same.

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    Check local nurseries.
    It is not illegal and often sold as ornamentals.

    buy a piece and cut into slices 3 spines high. pack them on dry sandy soil and leave em for a month or so then lightly pick them up to check if they have roots yet... No water required
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    I bought mine in town from a privately owned nursery.

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    I have some San Pedro as well as the Bidgesii for Suculent Source. They were all big and had roots when they got here.

    Actually I have a Bolivian Torch from them as well. I haven’t harvested anything but they are all strong correct specimens.

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    The best way to make more is to simply place a stump horizontally on the ground. The pups the horizontal root base creates grow exponentially faster than just planting the stumps upright.
    I have a 3-foot piece I threw in a windowsill planter. Its pups are pushing 10-feet plus. Other vertical cuts of the same age are maybe 2 to 4 feet now.
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