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    Hey everyone,

    I'm very very new to all this, but have been researching home growing for a few months now and I'm about ready to buy some seeds and make my first attempt at a closet grow.

    So, I guess I'm just looking for some input to see if what I'm about to drop money on is a good idea, or if I should consider something else.

    OK, so here goes, I'm thinking of ordering off Seedsman. Their house brand of seeds. I like the fact they offer so many freebies, so I'm thinking about getting around $60 worth in order to qualify for the first tier. Plus I'll be paying with bitcoin, so I'll get even more free seeds, 14 all together. Honestly, it's the free seeds I'm most interested in and plan to grow first because they are all Fem seeds.

    The ones I want to actually buy will all be Regular seeds. I'm thinking:

    - 10 pack of Hash Plant
    - 10 pack of African
    - 10 pack Skunk #1

    Pretty much one pure Indica, one pure Sativa, and one classic Hybrid.

    I like the idea of having Regular seeds to work with for the future if I get really into growing and want to start crossing or growing for seed or taking clones.

    Do you think this is a wise move for the money?

    Thanks very much in advance for the input.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    You'll have trouble doing a mixed run. They act differently when growing. Height, light, nutrients. All are very different for each.
    One type at a time for new growers.

    I suggest you get an African Violet. Once you get that tropical to bloom. You can grow MJ with low stress and good results.

    If researching is watching internet video's. Forget what you "learned" and read Ed Rosenthal - Jorge Cervantes - Gregg Green and Mel Frank's books.

    Broke? Here they are free..... Pot Books/

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    You should also be seriously thinking about what kind of lighting, air circulation, and possible heat/cold control. What are you going to feed them?? What grow medium???

    If your going T5, Id use the Hortilux.

    Grow Medium I recommend Promix BX.

    I would also make sure, regardless of what the light source is, that it is STRONG LIGHT getting to the plants, and also that the lights are penetrating deep into the canopy. I like all the light I can get, without either burning, or light bleaching. I push the limits, and find out where they either burn, or bleach, and then back them off until they find a happy medium. I can easily get 1000w 12-15 inches from the canopy if the ambient air temps are good, and plenty of air circulation.

    For seedlings I usually keep the light 24-30 inches from the canopy. Starting at 30, and lowering it over time.

    I like to use heavy duty 32oz cups for my containers.

    Sativa varieties require more light vs Indica varieties, and IMHO Hybrids should also get more light on average. But regardless, I give them all the light I can. Also try and get all the fresh air to them possible, vs just blowing air around.
    I myself like no less than 50w Sq/ft.
    I use HID Hortilux HPS 1000w for veg, but not in a closet, and that's a bit over 60w sq/ft in a 4 x 4 area.
    Seedlings I wouldnt go less than 40w sq/ft, and would quickly transfer them to minimum 50w sq/ft once established after a week, but like I said, I use 1000w in 4 x 4 and blast them from the start, and have since the 70s. Ive always used 1000w for everything.

    Not saying you need to, and its probably not a good idea in a closet, or any closed environment, unless you have a really good system set up. Really good.
    I just like all the possible light for the space.
    A 400w Hortilux HPS in a 3 x 3 area is 44w Sq/ft.
    A 315w Ceramic Metal Halide in a 2.5 x 2.5 area is 50.4w sq/ft.

    Completing the spectrum
    The name “460” references the area of the light spectrum produced by this lamp. The PowerVEG 460 Fluorescent grow light helps indoor gardeners bridge the gap between the vegetative and flowering stages. With the PowerVEG 460, your plants’ responses are at their fullest at all times, leading to stronger root growth, compact plants, and extremely short intermodal spacing.

    Here are some other benefits of the PowerVEG 460:

    • Chlorophyll B is absorbed strongly at 460 nm
    • Stomatal opening (feeding tube of plant) is 10 times greater than red light
    • Carotenoids absorb light at a high rate at 460 nm (Protects the plant from free radicals)
    • Widens the available blue light spectrum when combined witht he 420 and FS+UV. This combination keeps plants extremely compact with very short internodal spacing.
    The PowerVEG 460 is just one member of the PowerVEG family. For best results, combine the PowerVEG 460 with the FS+UV, 420, 633 and 660 grow lamps and create your own custom spectrum for your garden.

    PowerVEG Family

    PowerVEG T5 offers five different products that can be used in conjunction to create specific spectrums of light. The base PowerVEG lamp you will use in all formulas is the FS+UV (Full Spectrum + Ultra Violet). The FS+UV provides the spectral foundation when adding the other spectrums because it produces a consistent full spectrum of light as well as a safe level of UV, which is essential to to growing indoors.

    Combining the two blue PowerVEG lights (420 & 460) with the FS+UV produces a powerful spectrum targeting early stages of plant growth.

    Paring the two red PowerVEG lights (633 & 660) with the FS+UV produces the best flowering spectrum of any fluorescent grow light available today.

    This is a nice reflector.

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    vostok Well-Known Member

    None here for me... trezz noob!

    Skunk #1 of Sensi Seed ..??? would be the easiest to grow

    is an old classic and Hybridized into almost every strain can even Herm on you

    most Noobs ask the Nobbest Question BEFORE they part cash

    good luck
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Im down with Skunk#1 from Sensi, Sensi Skunk is a better grow and just as cheap, one of the Skunk#1 Phenos if i remember correctly. These strains are your easier cheap reliable and great to learn on strains plus you will not be dissapointed with the smoke or buds.

    After this you got Sensi's Super Skunk which again is a cross of these early skunks with their Afghan parents and then most other strains veer off from here, cheese comes from a Sensi Super Skunk Pheno.

    A very overlooked seed company :-)

    vostok Well-Known Member

    skunk.jpg watch that tripwire Kingrow1..'we' don't know if that is a Sensi Skunk #1 I'm just hoping it is
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Do people buy other banks Skunk#1? Over here Sensi is a must for that strain.
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    vostok Well-Known Member


    two distinct markets have at long last arrived

    in time the US version of #1 will differ a lot from the Dutch version ..

    even if theirs is nothing like the 1979 version left
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    The only problem i have with American banks and strains is that there is far too much hype, wouldnt touch them with a barge pole, new strain every five seconds....!
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    Commycharb Active Member

    GG4 seemed to get lots of love. pretty sure that was a yankee creation
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    IMHO, its just wrong to get into a pissing contest USA vs EU ect.

    Theres great strains both places, and to be fair, many of the best Euro strains, began with USA genetics.

    There are far to many Hyped Names, on both sides of the pond to be fair.

    Many of the Sensi, Serious, Dutch Passion, lost the original genetics for their strains in the 2000's.

    If the Sensi NL was the same shit as it originally was, Id be the first in line to buy some, yet they now don't, and haven't advertised their NL as NL5 for YEARS, as they lost 1 of the components, yet they still have the cup on the ad, and they didn't il with that version. Talk about Hype.

    USA, is where Nevil got many of the original genetics.
    Original Haze? Sk1 ? PNW Hashplant clone only, Road Kill Skunk, NL5 clone only. All this stuff IS still available in USA. Whether it be Hybridized, Clone Only, or IBL.

    I don't mess with most of this modern day stuff unless I have to as IMHO nothing beats the stuff that was available from both Nevil, and Super Sativa Seed Club. But I know what I want, and what I'm looking for.

    Not saying I know everything, but Ive been doing this for longer than many have been alive. Ive been growing since 1972, inside since 76, and Ive seen or heard of most of every strain there is. I served 13 years with the feds for 1000+ clones

    But if you want to get technical, few strains will beat..

    Top Dawg....Chemdawg hybrids.... Real Deal 80s SSSC SK1 x 80s Skully Cut PNW Hashplant Hybrids, and a combination of these 3 strains. Just for a beginning suggestion. All available in USA.

    Coastal Seeds Heirloom NL1 x PNW HP

    Coastal Seeds 90s Black Domina x NL1

    But for me, and the EU market I like.



    Underground Seed Collective

    Mr Nice... Ive been running a Mr Nice Super Silver haze for 3 years. Its 1 out of 125 females.

    Flying Dutchmen

    For EU market Sk1, Id got to either Mr Nice, or Flying Dutchmen, leaning heavily towards the FDM. They never messed with theirs like Skunkman did, and is totally different vs Mr Nice, But Mr Nice is OK. Just bred in a different direction vs FDM.

    If in USA wait until Spring, and Swami Organic Sees will have the Orginal RKS. They have an original 85 RKS clone that was taken to Guadalajara Mex over 30 years ago, and hybridized into IBL, and is true breeding.

    If 1 would like the Original Super Sativa Seed Club Sk1 but is Hybridized ??

    Dominion Seeds ( SeedHereNow ) has them but is sold out, but 1 can preorder, but they aint cheap.

    Chemdawgs Sis x SSSC Sk1 x ( Skully cut ) PNW Hashplant x SSSC SK1. SeedHereNow

    VA Chem x SSSC SK1 x SC PNW HP x SSSC SK1. Both of these will stink to high heavens. SHN

    Chemdawgs Sis will have the funkiest odor.
    The smells are rotten skunky garlic body odor like the mom and the occasional sour chem or starburst chem pheno. Mostly the acrid nasty phenotypes show.

    Also Bodhi, and Hazeman make killer gear.

    DC Seed Exchange

    OregonEliteSeeds have. Top Dawg.. RedEyed Genetics.. Many others.

    JamesBeanCompany... Coastal Seeds Heirloom NL1 x HP... .. Black Domina x NL1.... Vashon Seed, and Mercantile Early Bird M26. 6-7 weeks flowering.

    Reliable Seeds

    I wouldn't mess with Barney, Seedsman, Greenhouse, Fems, Serious Seeds, Sensi is to hit, and Miss. Dutch Passion aint what it used to be, and I can get some of of the Original BOEL Genetics of Blueberry from Swami Organic Seeds in USA. BOEL gave DJ Short his original genes.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    FFS>>>>for fooks sake Don't tell Doc.Who that ..we'll never hear the end of that
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    Slapping Shoe on Table: you ask not to debate the difference in USA Euro markets

    then post a 550 word rant to wind things up ....? lol

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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    Have you grown the Vashon Early Bird? I live in the Pacific NW so gotta finish before Oct.
    And $40 is a reasonable price for 10 regulars. (I'm cheap)

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Yes Ive grown the Vashon.

    Its from Dutch originally, and has been bred on Vashon Island in Washington State for Decades.

    Its Mold Resistant, and finishes Late August-Sept 15.

    Really good stuff. Flavorful, potent. Medium production.

    Its also known as M26 and was in the original 80s Super Sativa Seed Club Catalog. IMHO its about the best early stuff there is.

    Super Sativa Seed Club - Early Bird

    An early Dutch cold-resistant strain. Inbreed for three generations. Breeding plants were selected for early maturation and quality of the high. Some individuals will have purple seed bracts. Most of the plants are very resinous. The yield varies from plant to plant. Harvest first/second week of September.


    Its a cross of Pure Kush x Early Skunk.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    Just stating the facts.

    Most all the strains available today have their roots in USA genetics. That aint debatable.

    I also stated there are plenty of good genetics in Euro, and mentioned the places I like.

    I also place high priority for anything Nevil had a hand in, or used for his genetics, and much of it came from USA, though Nevil was originally 1 of if not my favorite breeders.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Motarebel is from Michigan I think.

    Many of his classic strains come from Woodhorse seeds in California way back.

    I grow some fantastic hybrids from his genetics and ch9 seeds.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Lol. Of course. He gets all his info from Michigan dispensary magazines.

    He is an admitted lightweight smoker. He wouldn’t know anyway.

    Lol again.
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    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    "I wouldn't mess with Barney, Seedsman, Greenhouse, Fems, Serious Seeds, Sensi is to hit, and Miss. Dutch Passion aint what it used to be, and I can get some of of the Original BOEL Genetics of Blueberry from Swami Organic Seeds in USA. BOEL gave DJ Short his original genes."

    This has all been an excellent read and very informative I might add. I love it. Something puzzles me though and it could just be that I'm a complete idiot... is BOEL an acronym or the name of a person? I keep seeing its usage in both contexts from one thread to another and I just can't seem to make heads or tails of it. Help? Much appreciated.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Slandering Sensi and DP, exscuse the fuck me....?!

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