Girl Scout Cookies week 10. Harvest! 3/4lb plant

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by Medical Grower Wa., Mar 18, 2014.

    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Not much else to say I think the title pretty much indicates my whole point here. I think all you(RIU) need to see is pictures: 1395168183619.jpg 1395168241459.jpg 1395168289791.jpg
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    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    The first Girl Scout Cookies plant i have seen that wasnt just tiny little nuggz... nicely done how much light did you use?

    SnapsProvolone Well-Known Member

    3/4# Dry weight?
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Yes, dry. It will take me by my self 6-8 hrs to do. I've done a dozen plants 3/4 of pound or bigger. Just finished a 15oz Querkle! Plus, look at the pics, if u know what you are doing, u just know!
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    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    And again it begins had me a couple brats, some chips, a triple cola. 1395173608683.jpg 1395173624586.jpg 1395173698122.jpg 1395173719096.jpg

    droid maxx
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Very nice harvest.

    The top of that cola after I have stripped the one foot long cola.

    Another top.

    droid maxx
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    kindnug Well-Known Member

    On the picture with the cola/ruler> The cola actually starts @ 7" to 12.5"(~5.5" long)
    Are you measuring the entire branch?
    I see you measured secondary buds as if they're part of the main cola.

    I think you're yield estimate is a reasonable one.
    All GSC I've seen has some purple in the bud, what cut is it?
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Just for you buddy. So this is what I've done so far

    Here's your 5 1/2"
    I am a QP in too look what's left?
    droid maxx

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    How much light did you use for this one plant or was there more plants?

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Those pictures just prove my point...
    Are you trying to be a sarcastic asshole?

    Cut all those SECONDARY buds off that 12" main STALK and you'll have the 6" cola
    Most people DON'T count those small branches as part of the cola, but secondary buds from the main stalk.

    I'm sorry that your wrong?
    + since you want to argue, your growing fake GSC aka Fortune Cookies.
    Real GSC has fat leaves + small purplish buds.
    cat of curiosity

    cat of curiosity Well-Known Member

    the butthurt is strong in this one...

    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    This is epic.....

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    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Haha. I could care less. He is right though. Buds are rarely longer than 6". You know it's kind of funny strains are different everywhere I personally know of three different strains of GSC there's also 3 different strains of Blue Dream indica, hybrid, and a sativa.

    He can say anything he wants, I can see the results I feel the results and I will smoke the results
    Now I am 6 foot 5 n the tip of my pinky to the tip of my thumb measures 10". I have large hands I also swung a hammer for a living.

    You know one thing you might want to do is go look at my other post it seems that I might have experience and I might not be b*********** here. Peace out homies and thanks for at least some love

    droid maxx
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    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    So I got about half way done. One level of the rack is full. 1 rack is a half pound or more. I just may have a 1 pounder.

    1395217244349.jpg 1395217267101.jpg 1395217297771.jpg 1395217315166.jpg 1395217326361.jpg

    droid maxx

    kindnug Well-Known Member

    Why would I be butthurt about his weak harvest?
    I have more than I could ever smoke...

    I said your estimate of yield is a reasonable one.
    Post a pic with a ruler next to the largest trimmed bud from that plant, the one you claim is 12" long.

    How hard is that? I don't trust the size of your damn hand either.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Wait you said 3/4 lb dry but its still wet and your saying a 1 pounder ? Now Im lost so if its a 1 lb wet its what actually 3 to 4 oz dry correct If Im following now. Again Ill try what szie light did you use on this plant?

    Just following along. I know I have the same dry rack as you but its 8 levels and it will hold about 2-3 lbs dry total but I fill mine way more then you do. Just trying to follow along thats all.

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member

    I'm trying to follow along as well.
    How big is the "solid" bud ?
    Give us something for comparison with the whole thing trimmed.
    Sorta like:

    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Well I don't know what to really say after those posts. I'm not here to cater to all your needs and i am not worried about how long my buds are. I believe someone asked for a visual reference, that's Wat the tape measure was, a reference. You know when you're holding the camera and the tape measure at the same time, things may not have been placed perfectly and I'm sorry you took it so literally.

    Now as for the comment of three quarters of a pound. I have harvested a couple times in my life. And the type of plants I grow are commonly like this. I veg for 3 months or more and I use 7 to 10 gallon pots. I am also a super cropper and I tie my plants down. As I have done this before, I'd say well over 100 times. Don't you think I would have a decent judgment of what I might yield dry?

    Now as for the drying rack. The gentleman who said he gets around three to four pounds a
    In the drying rack is correct. I don't fill mine as much as yours, I hope you don't mind? Now the way I pile it in there, and considering the density of the nuggs I know it's over a pound. And so did my buddy who's been growing for 20 years and my other friend who trim for me today. Another way to know how much weed you trimmed is by the amount of time it took. My last harvest was in late January. 2000 watts 3 pounds. Four plants. I had 3 Querkle and 1 Pure Kush. One of the Querkles I got 15 ounces. The other two I got 12 ounces a piece. The Pure Kush was 7 ounces. All in a 4x8 tent.

    So I decided that the 4 by 8 tent was not efficient enough for 2000 watts. So I bought a 5 by 10 tent. Same 2000 watts but this time I'm thinking closer to four pounds.

    So basically I am saying this will be over a pound.

    So this is my 4x8. She is now my vegetation tent.

    And then we have the 5 by 10. This time I am flowering 6 plants. 4 are starting week 4 and two are starting week 2
    1395295444386.jpg 1395295469769.jpg

    Now in conclusion since I just signed on 2 the site. I'm new here. Not like you who's been blabbing on here since 2008. I would assume some of you longer tenured individuals might think they're better than others, or know more. So some of you may agree with me some of you may not. For the gentleman who wants me to put my biggest bud up there. Everything gets cut down trimmed up and ready to sell. When I trim my bud I trim it once. I do not hang the bud. I tare that Cola all up into buds so that all that's left is about a 2 inch top Cola guess what? I sell that too.


    droid maxx
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    Thank u for noticing this dude is taking it toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo far!
    Medical Grower Wa.

    Medical Grower Wa. New Member

    I would also like to let some of you people know, when you top many times. You get many good sized colas, not one large one. I am all about square footage and the proper light distribution. So where I get 20 large colas or would you just rather have one big one.

    Also here in the state of Washington they are considering cutting back are medical marijuana growing ability. Right now I am allowed to have 15 plants that's it. I can have 25 ounces. They only want to let me have 6 plants and 3ozs. Well I figured out how to flowers 6 plants under 2000 watt and get quite a good yield I have a legal right to dispose of all my extra.


    Pure Kush

    Qrazy Train

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