Getting Your Pet High Too? ?

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    Lmao ....the old 9 year old come back you give your animals your meth to ??? I like you ......peace love and all that other shit to get yourself out of a tight spot ....or just all the sudden become ya pray for me while your getting your animals stoned ...I think it will be more affective
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    Not jumping into the middle of a fight but I want to add that I live in a shitty place basically like the ghetto in my area and cheap rent and a lot of low low people here but I got an old cat (between 10-12 years old) a year something back as her original owner here got busted for crack, than she was a stray in the hallway, another crazy crack user took her in and ignored mistreated her same thing with a couple young kids that decided to take her. They kicked her as they forced her into a small spot and or left her outside in the cold...I loved her so I took her in and care for her well. She loves me and I keep up with her litter and food and got her a proper litter box not the basically empty broken dishpan she was forced to use and keep her warm. Her names ferra...I'd change it but she knows it so I just stuck with it.

    Now on point... Whenever I check my plant she always jumps up and lays right on the duffel bag in front of the open curtain closed closet. She comes every time I check it and curls up there and will try and has eaten a bunch of fresh leaves off it. Sometimes when pruning I put a few leaves off to the side and she eats them... But only fresh leaves...she stays away from dry. Doesn't care for them. I get a kick out of it but frustrated at the same time. She likes leaves more than catnip. If I am trimming she'll try and grab some with her paw. She's a smart cat. She hates smoke though which is good as I only take weed in edibles and tinctures because of my lungs and having blood come up. I'd never force a thing on her but she loves fresh MJ leafs but not other plants.

    I love my cat... She gets hair everywhere but that can't be helped. She's become my best friend . She will even lay next to me and when I open a tincture turn her head and try to grab and or lick it... I don't let her though. She's smart that's for sure. I don't think we give animals enough credit for their intelligence sometimes. 20151209_144359.jpg 20160416_162131.jpg 20160416_195318.jpg
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    I was wondering about giving my old dog a dose a day of cannibis oil to see if it will help with his seizures. He also has a real bad hip probably due to arthritis. I have medical oil. Would it be so wrong to make jim feel better?

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    I don't really believe getting animals high on purpose is ethical. I'm sure they are prone to panic attack a just as we are. Whenever I get high my yorkie notices my change in personality though and stares at me. She even whines a little bit here and there and then just goes to sleep. I don't understand it much but she always does it lol.

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    I never allow my dog get in room where i smoke. It's just not that... He did eat about 10 grams of perfect weed long time ago, i made mistake of leaving it on my table.

    Not sure if it had effect on him, surely seemed so.

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    @MauieWoowie Haha, that's sad and frustrating to loose that much weed so fast like that, but I have heard of a lot of story's of dogs eating someones stash or take their bag of bud in their mouths and walk away. I wonder why they do that.

    I have also seen pics of wild deer coming up to someone who lives in the mountains area of some state and while they go outside to smoke and or hit the bong they walk up to em. The scent draws em. I've never seen anything like that IRL but it's a real thing and that's awesome that even wild animals including Deer know it's a good plant and hang around where it's growing/used. Shows they know what it is and how it would help them.

    Ethical or not animals are way smarter than we give em credit for and love the plant as much as we do!
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    Indeed i highly agree :)

    My dog is one spoiled doggy, he gets so much attention and care from everyone so he really is tough bastard to feed. He doesn't eat dog food, he actually hate it ( cans etc. ) but he does take some dog snacks here and there.

    What amazed me was the fact that he actually love to eat fresh leaves :D I read about it here so i had to try and wow :D So it must be something good in those leaves.
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    Yeah there definitally is. Even animals have cannabinoid receptors(an endocannabinoud system) so their body's despite being different react to the plant in some way but I don't know how.

    My cat loves raw leaves better than catnip. She will just sit and chill and claw where the catnip is and or smell my hand and rub up against it(it took some reading but I learned cats have many scent glands in/on their face) but if you have leaves WATCH OUT. She will start following you and try to claw em from your hands. She wants them pretty leafs. I once did a test and put down catnip all over her favorite thing, than opened up a glad container and took out some leaves and she went right away to ignoring the catnip till she ate em all.
    I figure they know it's a healing plant and is naturally drawn to it for CBD and other beneficial factors. Just like wild animals know what plants they can or want to eat and which they won't or stay away from. I was reading about a plant with white flowers (forget the name) that deer hate and avoid/stay away from. I figure their bodies process the cannabinoids like we do just maybe differently. When I have my cat on my bed and open up a tincture I just got from the Salem, MA dispensary she turns her head and starts sniffing around the top I get a kick out of it. If there is a higher power or something that created all of us and every plant/living thing cannabis and hemp definitely were created for us to use as well as animals especially as our bodies are made with receptors and an endocannbinoid system for a reason, same with animals.

    StayLifted all! ✌

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    Pets always get what they want, be it weed or snacks :) Good cat you have, this is my dog but these are a bit old pictures.

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    Haha I love those dogs. They remind me of Alaskan sled dogs. Beautiful animal man! I love that breed/those colors for fur. Yeah animals have a tendency to get what they want. That's for sure. I love your dog.

    The only annoying thing about my cat is she gets burs easy and they hurt her bad (cats are tough when it comes to dealing with pain). Makes me feel bad and takes me forever to loosen em up or get em off. Once she realizes what I'm doing she starts hissing and avoiding me but if I'm able to do it quick (rare) or after the ordeal she comes over to me as she feels better unless I loose and don't get it fast.

    Also she sheds fur like no ones business, haha. Gets all my clothes and my floor as well as my fan in this small room I live in covered in hair/hairballs. It's a chore to keep up with I'll say that.

    What's really funny is when she sees me picking em up she comes right over and paws at em like she's saying "HEY! That's mine ya bastard!" Haha.

    Positive vibes and peace all you animal lovers! ✌

    luckybleu Well-Known Member

    Don't get your dog high,if they're happy they're on a natural high,too much will fuck them up don't do it,its wrong.On the other hand if you have a sick pet and want to try it for medicinal purposes , I'm all for that just do your research on dossage and cbd's etc.I have a crippled German Shepherd now at home and have seriously considered getting him some medicinal edibles.His paralysis is caused by a neurological issue so I'm doing some research to see what might help.But back to the point ,don't get your dog fucken high.

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    Well this is interesting..

    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    After my cats party with me they decide to nod out eat and sleep wow what a purrrrrfect buzz they like it grew up with it and they make the choice to stay and inhale or leave to do cat things agree??
    Maxman and Fiddler

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    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't get your pet high. I know you think it's cool or they don't mind or it isn't really a problem but it is. I don't want to argue or post peer reviewed journal articles, just don't do it. Get your sister high, your mom, your uncle, anyone, just not your pet. It ain't cool
    Afgan King

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    What if my pet eats weed and purposefully goes out and gets high will jump in rotation for blunts steal leaves from my garden and buds from my bag and have even eaten half grams and grams of hash.....I'm not forcing anything on them if anything they both purposefully go out looking to get high. I'd never force anything on my dog hell I have licensing in Florida as a CVT. There's nothing wrong with it as long as it's not forced and it's what they want. The leaves are treats to both my dogs IMG_20161124_200642900.jpg
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    that's right. cannabis CAN KILL DOGS AND CATS. many of you guys got lucky. a cat nibbling a leaf is bad, but not deadly. a 40lb dog eating a 1/4 of edibles can absolutely be lethal.

    the smoke can kill too.
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    Afgan King

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    No ones saying give them decarbed weed tho my dogs jump in rotation for smoke have for over 6 years each buddy has his jack russel who was born blind and lived to 14 and would get lit often eating weed and smoking. I'd never recommend to give anything decarbed ever the dosages drastically change a dog can eat a gram of raw weed no ill effect eat a .1 gram roach and be comatose. If I've gotten lucky then it's due to my medical knowledge and experience taking care of animals and running animal hospitals for almost a decade
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    cat of curiosity

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    i find it hard to believe a certified vet tech would advocate cannabis toxicity in animals.

    animals like the taste of antifreeze, it's sweet and cool on the tongue/throat, and dogs/cats etc will lap it up with no encouragement. they LIKE it...

    but that doesn't mean it's ok and it's good for them...
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    Afgan King

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    Show me evidence of low doses of cannabis being a bad thing for canines.....don't worry I'll wait there is such thing as toxicity where they physically forgot to breath can urinate and throw up and go into coma like state. Again never give your dog or cat any decarbed anything. But my dogs eat weed daily have for years never an issue unless they eat something decarbed then it's right when I catch something wrong a syringe full of peroxide and they throw it up. I live around cannabis I make my living around cannabis my dogs love cannabis and in my personal experiences I've been able to safely dosage my dogs with raw weed with no issues for 6 years now.....
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    cat of curiosity

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    my asshole cattledog raided the counter a while back, got three small cookies. after being comatose for over 12 hours, pissing and shitting himself while unable to move, and vomitting profusely (with a couple of seizures or fits something similar to), he bounced back. he won't even look at the stuff now...

    i was afraid he'd die, but it was a low dose. if he'd eaten the pan, he would probably be dead.
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