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    I'm in a state that has a HIGH potential for going legal with Medical marijuana this year . Does anyone have insight on how it went down in their state?
    1. Did vape shops turn into dispensaries?
    2. Did totally new retail businesses pop up? If so how many are still around?
    3. Did anyone seek possible buyers for their flower before prohibition fell? In hopes of locking in buyers.
    I'm a common joe, not a big corporate guy with money to burn. Just looking to benefit from the changing times and help my family. Like many people Cancer seems to linger in my family circle.
    I'll tell a quick story... My step-pops died 2yrs ago fighting cancer. He endured the pain every day, opting out of the morphine route. He said " if I can't be right in my mind , then I'm not taking it" so everyday he hurt. If cannabis was legal he likely would have indulged to ease the pain. Amen?
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