Getting off unsupervised probation, what are the odds they'll require testing

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    So several months ago I ended up getting popped at the airport for some cannabis extracts that I was taking in my luggage - yeah sounds STUPID, but I was taking them to my daughter (who lives in a state that still hasn't implemented medical MJ regulations) due to a medical condition she suffers from. I initially planned on mailing it to her, but the more I thought about that, the more I worried that IF something happened and it was found out, I would be putting her in danger of a possible felony rap.

    Anyway, long story short, I got off fairly lightly all things considered, no felony rap and just 6 months unsupervised probation. But now that I'm getting closer to the end of said probation, I'm beginning to wonder if they might try and surprise me by requesting a urinalysis when I come in for my appointment to get signed off.

    For the most part I really have quit smoking recreationally during this time, but I also suffer fairly serious bouts of insomnia on a weekly basis (due to having to work a swing shift mostly), and so there are nights when I feel compelled to use it to calm the panic that comes with being unable to sleep, as well as knock myself out and get SOME sleep so I don't lose my job.

    I do have a script for Ambien, but over the many years I've suffered from it, my doctors have warned me that it isn't good for my mental health to take it over such a long periods, so I don't take it every night, but when the attacks hit me, sometimes it's too late to take it if I want to be able to wake up on time. Pain in the ass, lol. Anyway (did I say long-story-short ;D), any thoughts on whether I have anything to worry about?

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    I was on probation for a few years, was never tested once although I was supposed to stay clean and I was supposed to be be drug tested regularly. Each week I went to see my officer, I'd dress in a suit, brought my pay stub, etc. and stayed out of trouble. I was making way more money than the parole officer, and that pissed him off to end end- but they let me off 1 year early, after I moved to a new state for a new job.

    So, if ever they were going to test you, it may be your last visit. Clean out for a while, why take a chance?
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    fearnoevil Well-Known Member

    I agree, I'm keeping it clean for the most part except for the insomnia attacks, but I suppose for 3-4 weeks I could just take the Ambien every night just to make sure I get sleep. Getting off with just 6 months is something of a blessing and I DON'T want to end up stuck back in the cycle because of something like failing a UA on the last day, cuz then the screws just get tighter and I sure don't need the hassle. Thanks for the advice ;?)

    fearnoevil Well-Known Member

    And that's good advice to LOOK like you're a good upstanding citizen, it's all about perception. When I went in for my court date there were more than a dozen cases in front of me and I was amazed at how many of the defendants look like shit, I mean they didn't look like junkies or riff-raff, but at the same time they didn't really make an effort to try to make a good impression.

    I wore a very nice looking suit, business like and all, got a hair cut and cleaned up so good that you almost couldn't tell the difference between me and my lawyer, lol. And the funny thing was that, since I haven't owned a nice suit for years, I went down to Goodwill and Salvation Army stores and found a clean suit for under $35 as well as a nice dress shirt and tie for another $10. So if anyone else is in a same situation, take some advice from Macklemore and hit the thriftshop (...uh just don't dress like him ;?)

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    In my experience they always pop with a test at the end when wrapping things up. Been on probation for various BS in 3 different states. Even unsupervised. Was even on probation until "Fines were paid". I walked in and met my probation officer and handed him a $ order for the full amount. Wouldn't wrap things up until I took a test (was clean anyways). I figured that was going to happen. So out of spite I filled the cup to the rim with Code Red Mt.Dew pee. Had a frothy top like a perfect draft beer pour and everything.
    It also goes for everyone I've personally known on probation. Always tested at the end.
    Personally I would do one of 2 things.
    Either just clean up until everything blows over or get someone you know with clean pee to do it for you and just sneak it in there. But that can also always backfire if your officer is a sausage gazer.

    curious2garden Well-Known Member

    Ambien is a very ugly drug. Just take 25 to 50 mg of Benadryl on a night where you suffer insomnia until you are off probation.

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