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    InACave New Member

    I am trying to find out how to get my med card in carson city. I don't have a doctor I can find the health dept info. please help

    InACave New Member

    Not sure what the process is, go get the application then bring it to the Doc or the doc can get it for me? Just looking for info.

    Nikki61 Member

    Morning Darling;

    Your Doctor needs to be a 'Specialist'. My Specialist is spinal and I see a physical therapist every Tuesday (expect on holidays). If you are not sure what to do call this number: 775-687-7594 This is the MMJ program in Reno. They will be able to answer your Q's about getting a card.

    You need a Dr. first. Then you pick up your pkg and fill your portion out and then take it to YOUR Dr. and have him/her fill their portion out. When that is done you return your pkg back to where you got it from and then wait for a answer in the mail.

    It cost $ for picking up the pkg. It cost $ to see the Doc. It cost $ to go to DMV and get your pic taken. Just letting you know. I don't know for sure if the MMJ program helps people out with that portion of it.

    Hopefully this info helped you sweetie. Have a wonderful day!

    InACave New Member

    Thanks for the info. The only doctor i see on a regular basis is a psychiatrist, that's a specialist. I was looking to get in it to help with my social anxiety/regular anxiety and depression which i am disability for. i'll call the number.

    lostkeys Member

    these guys are legit as well in Reno nice clean place they can walk you through the process.
    They have a doctor there just need to take him records you will need one of the qualify conditions and show it in your records.
    Here is the Nevada site where you get all the forms and info

    • AIDS
    • Cancer
    • Glaucoma
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Cachexia (wasting and malnutrition associated with chronic disease)
    • Persistent Muscle Spasms (including Multiple Sclerosis)
    • Seizures (including Epilepsy)
    • Severe Nausea
    • Severe Pain
    • Additional conditions specifically approved by the Department of Health and Human Services

    Nikki has been at this a lot longer then me so good person to talk to.
    I just got my card so its all still fresh in my head.

    InACave New Member

    Thanks for the info I have heard of them on FB they are a CDB dispensary. I just can't get to Reno I don't have a car I was hoping to find a doc here in carson.

    lostkeys Member

    Man for the life of me I cant remember but someone wrote in a thread on this board a number for a doctor in carson city.
    maybe make a new thread asking for doctors in the carson city area I am almost positive there is one.

    Got the same sort of issue different reason to sick to drive most times.
    Maybe find someone to drive you take a bus up to reno nvelements really was good helped me with all the paperwork its not cheap 200$ I think might get 50$ off for disability.
    Are you a disabled vet by chance?
    Just asking because I am that's where my health problems come from if so you should be able to get PTSD related for your card easy.
    Anyways I know your pain its hard figuring all this out being sick and broke.
    Just read the links I sent you for the Nevada health it list the whole process its not hard just slow and cost about 300 total at first all together but then your good for a year.

    Just read through it make calls to save you having to go places and you will get there.
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    InACave New Member

    I saw a doc here in carson in a thread, I have been treated for my stuff at carson mental health and being a state agency i don't think they would prescribe it. I do suffer from the nausea as a by-product of my anxiety which is one of the conditions they list. I am just so unsure and don't like the meds that they prescribed there to help which they didn't. Only thing that did and let me smile and laugh again was weed.

    lostkeys Member

    I am saying you really should try to get a ride to nvelements they got there own doctor just brings copies of records.
    Call them up and talk to them they were really friendly and took the time to answer my questions they may be able to refer you to someone in carson at least try.
    And I know it sucks everytime I leave the house I have horrible pain stomach problems anxiety tons of stuff its almost impossible but you just need to do a couple trips all together as most stuff is in carson and then wait its not hard just slow.

    I got my card never thought I would it doesn't help me much but I am still trying to figure out whats going on I got to many health issues but getting the card felt like a victory.
    I hope you get it going its not hard just slow pop a Xanax or something to get through the trip took like less them 30 minutes to get doctor part done rest is just mailing stuff.

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