Gamma radiation for decontamination of medicinal cannabis

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Gamma radiation for decontamination of medicinal cannabis

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  1. WTF is this Bullshit I had no idea.

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  2. Hell yes, my only option for Hulking out.

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  3. This is good science.

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  4. I grow my own.

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  5. I dont know just like clicking on polls and being part of the group.

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    Jaybodankly Well-Known Member

    gamma radiation is utilized by companies that produce medicinal cannabis flowers in countries with national medicinal cannabis programs, such as The Netherlands and Canada. A recent study, published by Arno Hazekamp, Head of Research and Education at Bedrocan International BV, has sparked a discussion again, because the procedure remains controversial.

    Icemud420 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if it would be beneficial for cannabis. What would it be used to kill/sterilize? if its used for molds, depending on the mold it could still very well leave aflatoxins and mycotoxins as they are formed when the molds die.... so for that it wouldn't be any use...

    It wont remove pesticides which is the largest problem in the industry right now, well at least california where around 80% or more of the cannabis being sold is contaminated..

    It won't do anything for spidermites or other pests, other then kill them which then they are already in your buds...

    The only possible benefit I can see from gamma is using it to kill pathogens such as e coli.
    cannetix Inc

    cannetix Inc Well-Known Member

    Correction, Mycotoxins are produced by growing molds/fungi, not when the organism is killed. It is correct that irradiation will not destroy Mycotoxins, but it will prevent them from continuing to be produced while the product is being stored.

    That being said, Mycotoxins aren't exactly a huge issue for Cannabis unless it's being ingested orally. Aflatoxin is only stable up to 160 degrees celsius while Ochratoxin A is only stable up to 180 degrees celsius, meaning the temperatures involved with smoking, which can reach 900 degrees celcius, are more than enough to completely destroy these compounds. I'm not personally aware of any Mycotoxins which are volatile compounds that can be vaporized and inhaled.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily "support" the irradiation of Cannabis, just clearing up a few misconceptions. Thermal Stability of Mycotoxins
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