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    Please use the following template for posting a smoke report.

    Strain: Galaxy, pyramid seeds. fem
    Growth: flowered at 16", finished at 30ish. 8.5 weeks flower. 400w hps only
    Nutes: Regular rations Earth juice metak, microblast,grow and bloom, as directed
    Yield: 28g perfectly manicured
    Bag Appeal: Tight ass nugs! Looked mean and full of trichs, lighter green
    Smell: Slightly (as in knock you down) skunky, after curing
    Taste: Very strong, almost like black pepper? Powerful skunk on exhale
    The High: You ready to get super stoned?!? Very intense body high. Sleepy

    Comments:This is my favorite MJ so far. I loved hitting it in the bongsmilie. The smoke seemed very heavy and dense. Kinda hits your lungs like a brick if you arent careful. All my friends choked, but then got very high. I LOVED this weed. As a regular smoker, this one seemed to hit hard enough that I could tell I was smokin some good stuff. The buzz was a drowsy full body high.

    I loved this so much, I am actually going to work it into an 8 set hydro rotation. I think running this, next to the light weight and tasty LEMON SKUNK, would be a wonderful contrast.

    Even though the plant recieved some abuse and poor lighting, it was the biggest from the very start, of my 4 breeds. It had massive fan leaves, and stayed so short, it was quite nice. A few of my others outgrew it in height after going flower, but at 8.5 weeks, the yield on her was the best of my bunch. Another good quality was it had few leaves in the end, just buds on sticks. Definatley give this one a try , if your into that hard hitting, dense smoke, put you to sleep variety. I give this one:

    9/10 flavor
    9/10 ez to grow
    9/10 strength
    8/10 yield

    Let me mention they sent me one galaxy seed for free. It turned into this report as a matter of fact! Thank you sensible seeds!!:leaf:

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    I know this thread is old but good info. Thanks mane
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